A POS display which is unique to your brand is a great marketing strategy as people are more likely to remember your brand. This is why Bottega, Martini and Rothschild chose to use these intriguing barrel point-of-sale (POS) displays. This will definitely grab customers’ attentions and make a lasting impact in their minds. Each barrel store display shows off what’s unique about their brand.

barrel store display

Barrel Store Display

How these barrel store displays make an impact:

These barrel displays are a fine example of how to enhance your product’s store presence and marketing campaign:

  • Attention Grabbing: In a store filled with wine and other drinks, a barrel POS display captures the customer’s eyes. As it is something different and worth investigating, it draws the customer in to take a deeper look. These extra few glances will increase the recognition of any drink and therefore lead to higher sales.
barrel store display

Barrel Store Display

  • Brand Value: The barrel reminds people of the heritage and origin of the brand. This marketing campaign tells the story behind the drink, thereby reinforcing the image and style of your brand. For example, the barrel displaying Champagne Barons de Rothschild, tells you of their Grands Blancs vineyards and the 250-year history.
  • Adding Value: The fashionable and classy promotional drinks display reflects the product’s high value. Customers associate the brand and products with the display they’re presented in. Hence, this will create a positive brand image and distinguish your brand. Furthermore, a dedicated display adds a level of credibility to your product. This increases your brand’s reputation and value in the eyes of the customer.

barrel store display

How to make the highest impact using a barrel store display

  • Customization such as using a logo will increase brand recognition. Customization could also involve adding a heritage display to the barrel, such an origin stamp, to reinforce your marketing campaign. Check out some examples:
  • Using a size which is well suited to the store layout adds a personal touch to your store drinks display. Customers will feel you’ve taken an interest in their local life, which enhances the personal bond between you and your customers.

A good example being:

  • Using lights within the display will highlight and draw eyes to your product because more people can and will notice it. This brings a bit of glamour and freshness, attracting fun loving customers into having a glass of your drink.


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