Are you looking for an effective yet affordable and long-lasting promotional product for your company? Then, look no further than these custom wooden pen holders!

When we talk about desktop promotions, stationery sets always come to mind. Notepads, custom promotional pens, custom desk organizers, and pen holders are more than just office items, but they are also excellent advertising tools.

You can customize them however you want. The colors and shapes can be changed according to your branding requirements. They are also relatively durable so this means it can provide an immense brand impression at a quarter of the price of a TV ad. Furthermore, they are made from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), which is a light, yet durable material.

Below, we will share with you some of the awe-inspiring designs we have.


Custom Wooden Pen Holders in Funny Shapes

Vehicle-Shaped Pen Holders

Help your employees stay focused and motivated by giving your employees these vehicle-shaped holders.

Custom Pen Holders

Custom Wooden Pen Holders- Vehicle Shaped Organizers

We certainly love each and every piece of these vehicle shaped pen holders. There are vintage cars and buses as well as the iconic London tram. If you are in the transportation industry, then these vehicle-shaped holders are perfect!

Custom Pen Holders

Custom Wooden Pen Holders

They are just the right size and will keep your desk organized and tidy. Most importantly, they also serve as a decorative item on your table.


Stool Shaped Holders

These simple stool-shaped holders are ideal for keeping small items such as erasers, keys, pins, thumbtacks, paper clips, and more. Here, you have five sides to play with. You can either print your logo on them or your company motto, to ensure that your message will be on full view whenever they use these products.

Custom Pen Holders

Custom Wooden Pen Holders- Container Shaped


Shipping Container Shape

Below are pen holders in the shape of shipping containers. As you can see below, the front part of the shipping container is branded and the texture is similar to real shipping containers. The compartments can vary depending on your requirement.

Custom Pen Holders

Custom Wooden Pen Holders- Shipping Container Shaped

You can use it to store pencils, pens, highlighters, erasers, rubber bands, and even USB cables. Shipping companies such as DHL and Maersk usually offer end-of-year corporate gifts such as notebooks, USB flash drives, and planners. But you can spice up your promotions with these pen holders.

Custom Pen Holders

Custom Wooden Pen Holders- Shipping Container Shape


Iconic Spots

If you are working in the tourism industry, then you understand the importance of souvenirs in promoting your company. Tourism is such a lucrative yet competitive industry. Make sure that customers choose you for their next travel getaway by offering giveaways and travel souvenirs.

Custom Pen Holders

Custom Wooden Pen Holders

Promotional keychains, branded promotional mugs, and custom promotional T-shirts are usually the go-to souvenirs. However, by having custom pen holders, you can add variety to your offerings. Customers will always remember the fun they had during the trip as they use them at work.


TV, Food, and Radio Shaped Organizers

The food shaped ones are perfect for fast food companies. You can base your designs on your best selling products like french fries, hamburgers, and even ice cream. On the other hand, TV and radio shaped ones are suitable for any industry. There is a wide area for imprinting logos. If you like to have custom-designed pen holders, contact our product designers. We can help you come up with cool and interesting shapes for your company.

Custom Pen Holders

Custom Wooden Pen Holders- Various Shapes


Why Your Brand Needs These Custom Wooden Pen Holders

Custom Designs- Like notebooks and other personal things, there are many ways to customize these products. There are so many styles to choose from so you can be sure that your target market will have fun collecting your promotional products.

Promote Work Efficiency- Have you ever found yourself wondering why your pens and pencils suddenly disappear? You may be misplacing them. So, to stop losing your office stuff, you definitely need this organizer.

Be Different- We rarely see custom wooden pen holders being given away as a corporate gift. As such, you get to differentiate your brand from the rest. Offering something that your audience will not find from another company can result in finer brand remembrance.


Contact ODM

So would these custom wooden pen holders boost your promotions? If so, feel free to contact ODM and do not forget to quote product code ODM-2928 when contacting our team. We have a wide range of designs for you. Aside from pen holders, we can also help you with sourcing other office items such as custom promotional notebooks and journals, notepads, and custom magnetic whiteboard.

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