Our team found this fun creative point of sale display by Dove in a grocery store at the popular Huafa mall in Zhuhai, China. This isn’t the first custom-made POS display they have used to promote their products. Dove chocolate, also known as Galaxy in many countries, is the second-best-selling chocolate bar in the UK, proving that their marketing campaigns not only work but are very successful!

This blog will describe the benefits of using custom POS displays and why you may consider using one too.

creative point of sale display

creative point of sale display


Confectionery items (chocolates, sweets, cakes and buns) are often considered to be luxury items and therefore, require beautiful displays and unique packing to match. POS displays are perfect for this as they are designed to attract attention to products and are often found near checkouts, standing out from its competitors.


Why Dove’s Creative Point of Sale Display Stands Out?

  • Large display board with visible logo. Dove’s bespoke shop display can be seen from a distance, attracting attention to the product while increasing brand awareness. The sheer size and exclusivity of the display can give customers the impression that Dove is a popular and well-liked brand.
  • Heart-shaped boxes. This custom heart-shaped custom retail packaging would make the perfect gift for a loved one. Spotted in October, this promotional display was definitely not created for Valentine’s Day, proving that this design can appeal to customers regardless of the occasion. 
  • Limited edition. Available in two sizes, the unique shape and colour of the box gives it a limited edition feel compared to the standard rectangular Dove bars. This leaves a good brand impression on the buyer and the receiver of the gift item, making them feel special too! This can boost sales for the company as well as steal customers from competitor bars. 

Not a confectionery brand? Don’t worry. POS displays aren’t just for chocolate. These types of in-store retail POS displays are eye-catching and a fun and easy way to stimulate sales and increase brand visibility for any product. POS displays can be easily customised and can be made for your product too.

Are you interested in a promotional campaign for your brand? The ODM Group can provide custom POS displays and packaging for your product just like these. Please do not hesitate to contact us for design, sourcing and manufacturing.


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