Nestlé started its promotion of cardboard hang sell display with plastic compartments in Kuala Lumpur for Koko Krunch. This kind of display is really effective as it is visually appealing and it allows for convenient access to their products.


Hang sell display

Why hang sell displays are so effective?

All kind of POS displays are very effective promotions to increase sales.  While some are more traditional such as merchandise displays or cardboard POS displays, others try to stand out from competitors by creating cardboard hang sell displays with plastic compartment as Nestlé.

This kind of display is very eye-catchy because the plastic compartments allows to take the product in an easier way than other kind of displays. The main objective of this kind of display is to show the audience that they put some extra budget on the design of the display. This display is actually more visually appealing than traditional plastic strips.


Hang sell display

Furthermore, they are space-saving! Merchandisers can hang them on the shelves or an empty wall. Unlike a branded FSDU, it will not take up much floor space.


What are the benefits of this kind of display?

  • Retain the consistency of the brand image as the cardboard hang sell display with plastic compartments seems more “design” than, for example, free standing display unit
  • Facilitate the use when a consumer want to take the product. A lot of consumers complain about the non-convenience of regular plastic strip.
  • Increase sales as consumers are more tempted to consume products as it’s easy to take it from plastic compartment.
  • Increase in general the brand awareness.

Hang sell display

How to create this innovative display?

The secret to develop this kind of promotion is to bear in mind the idea to stand out from competitors. Designers have to work on something innovative, creative and easy to use at supermarkets. The idea is to redesign traditional hangsell displays to enhance the visual appeal and the functionality. Plastic compartments have to be well-designed and rigid to give an impression of high-quality.

You will agree that this custom hangsell display is a simple way to stand out from competitors. It allows to enhance the competitiveness of your business and consumer loyalty as it is seen to be of high quality. You can use different materials such as plastic, wood, and acrylic and customize the colors, shape, and size to suit your campaign.

Would you like to improve your brand image with a hangsell display? Contact our team of experts and they will help you to develop an effective hanging POS display to stand out from the competition.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of hangsell displays?

The time required in rearranging aisles, shelves, display fixtures, and the general layout of the interior retail space. This is to visually catch the eye of customers, thus spending longer times finding the perfect spot.

How will hangsell displays affect staff?

Once effective, the staff will have to handle more daily customers, more sales, and more deliveries. This leading to longer working hours and the need to hire more staff.