Whenever you’re out in the supermarket to buy the things you need or even want, have you ever seen product hanging instead of being piled and organized on a shelf. Well, do you know that aside from obviously a space-saving strategy, this product display idea is another type of brand promotion and an effective cross-selling tactic?

Spotted at a drugstore in the Philippines, this custom hang sell display By Johnson & Johnson is placed strategically to drive impulse purchases and ultimately increase sales. This small 0n-shelf display is made from a sturdy type of foam so it is very easy to customize and lightweight. With its location and design appeal, they are always used to cross-sell products.


What is cross-selling?

Cross-selling is simply selling products that are related to the primary or previous one. In fact, it is easier to sell additional products to your existing clients than to gain new customers. Cross-selling is very common in every industry. It can be on a wholesale or a retail level only. Aside from the additional revenues, it may create, it also helps build relationships between the business and the customers. Certainly, failed cross-selling strategies backfire on the business. The question now is: how can you say that you really do it in the right and most effective way?

product display idea

There are absolutely different available methods that you can adopt to promote your brands. Maybe those may cost you too much, yet you will still fail. However, there are also some that are simple yet you can get the result that you really want.

This hangsell display of Johnson & Johnson found in a drugstore in the Philippines is definitely a simple yet effective product display idea. It only occupies a little space, but the display clearly states the good thing about the product. It is a basic example of product promotion but is proven to be an effective one.

The idea of this hangsell display is simply hanging the products to promote and sell them. It can be usually seen in supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, etc. It is a very good example of promoting a product without even trying hard. In this type of product promotion, you don’t need to hire a person to make your product recognized or to introduce the product to people. This simple POS display is already ideal for creating impulse purchases.

product display idea

How does this Product Display Idea Help in Promoting Products?

Eye- Catching

  1. Customers love something that is good for their eyes. They love something attractive and unique. Hangsell display is a great way to upgrade the appearance of a product. Investing in an enticing product display is absolutely worth it.
  2. Accessibility. One of the most important things about this product display idea is its accessibility. People on the go usually tend to pick the items nearest to them – those customers who have limited time to select products on the shelves.
  3. Urge to Buy. As you can notice, you usually see hanging items or displays near the checkout counter. Well, those were not just placed there because they just want to. The checkout counter was allotted for those hangsell displays surely for a reason. And that it is to promote. To sell. To market the product. You must admit that while patiently waiting for your turn at the counter, there are instances that you buy unplanned or things that are not included in your to-buy list. Well, giving the urge for the customers to buy the product is one of the benefits of hangsell display.
  4. Easy to customize.  Hangsell is a product display idea that is easy to customize. You can add and design whatever you want as long as it captures the attention of the customers.

Never invest in a costly way of cross-selling, if there are simple ways you can use which is cost-friendly and proven to be effective.

So, if you think that you really need to adopt this product display idea today in order to increase your sale, you are absolutely right! Contact us and we will help you create your custom promotional product.

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