A coaster is a common item present in restaurants, bars, and hotels.  A coaster is a small piece of either metal, plastic, ceramic, or acrylic place on the table. It is created due to many reasons. First, it can help protect the table or furniture from wet. Secondly, it is used as decoration and lastly is to promote a brand. A coaster is a simple yet perfect way for restaurants to advertise their business.


Custom Coaster Designs

Innovative Custom Coasters Designs

How to Promote Brands through Custom Coaster Designs?

  1. It can serve as giveaways. Coasters are not meant to be used in restaurants, bars, or hotels only. It can also serve as giveaways during parties, gatherings, seminars, and other events. It can be easily given to customers and visitors since the item is very handy and convenient. Moreover, aside from being a simple giveaway, branded coasters can also be a simple way of introducing new products or brands to people.
  2. It is easy to customize. What we love about promotional coasters is that they can be custom-designed. They can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Our Mindsparkz team can help you come up with affordable, effective, and innovative custom coaster designs. You are free to choose your own type of coaster. It can be made from metal, acrylic, or plastic. Aside from the material, you also have the freedom to decide on the design, color, size, and of course your brand logo.  Name it, and they will create it!

    Custom Coaster Designs

    Sample custom coaster design (size and logo)

  3. It is a multi-functional item. You can definitely add functionality to a coaster. It can be a coaster or a bottle opener at the same time. This example could be a perfect tactic for cross-selling products. You just have to be a creative thinker in order to come up with compelling ideas to upgrade your brand. Convenience is the number one selling point of this product. And since people are always looking for multi-purpose products that can improve their lives, this 2-in-1 product will surely get people talking about your brand.

    Custom Coaster Designs

    2-in-1 Product Coaster and Bottle Opener

  4. It is cost-efficient. Custom drink coasters don’t need to be expensive. You can personalize them at a very affordable price. As such, restaurant and bar owners don’t have to shell out a lot of money to promote their business. They just need to select and create unique custom coaster designs to promote their establishment.


How can ODM help?

Little things could make a big difference. Maybe, coasters were just a simple item you usually see on stores’ tables before. Business owners and marketers become keen, wiser, and definitely resourceful to think of ways to promote their products since the competition among businesses starts to tighten day by day. Moreso, effective custom coaster designs can absolutely help to upsell brands.

Should you need help creating your first custom coaster designs, then contact our team and quote product code ODM-3502. Our in-house designers will help make the design you have in your mind come to life!

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