Branded Wooden Coasters are the perfect way to raise your company profile! The special thing about coasters is that every time customers pick up their drink from your branded coasters – they’ll see your message. This creates a constant reminder of your brand and the services your company offers. These custom printed coasters are branded with your logo or advertisement for your brand.

In this blog, we look at the few examples of branded wooden coasters that caught our eye.

Here are 3 examples from drinks brands we love:


What makes this coaster for Corona really interesting is its unique design. It resembles a lemon wedge and the brand logo is burned etched into the wood, lending a rustic look.

Branded Wooden Coasters

Raise your company profile with Branded Wooden Coasters


This worn down wood look gives us major vintage vibes. We love the contrast between the two colours of wood that make the brand and the coaster pop!

Raise your company profile with Branded Wooden Coasters

Raise your company profile with Branded Wooden Coasters

Samuel Adams 

Simple, elegant yet special in its own way. The engraving of the brand name gives this simple coaster class that leaves us inspired for our own. Sturdy and beautifully-designed, this beer marketing idea will stay with you long enough to fully drive your brand message.

Raise your company profile with Branded Wooden Coasters

Raise your company profile with Branded Wooden Coasters

  1. Boost Sales & Marketing Value

Independent studies show statistics as high as 27% increase in sales of advertised items using coasters.

Did you also know? At least 2 out of 3 customers remember the message they see on coasters. This amounts to 65% of your customers who will associate your product with more than just any other advertisements

Branded coasters have more influencing power than one might think. Branded coasters drives 11% of purchase decisions. And this will result in a boost in sales for your business. In comparison to billboards, coasters offer greater advertising potential even with the drastic size difference. This is simply because they are lightweight, practical, and used more often!

2. Brand Extension

Branded coasters are a great marketing tool to increase brand recognition. You can also easily customise your brand message with unlimited options of shapes, personalisation, and colours. You will be able to incorporate your brand personality to your coasters and show off your brand in your own unique way.

3. As Giveaways

Custom-shaped and printed coasters are handy and convenient. They keep you enjoying your drink protect surfaces from condensation. Branded coasters make great giveaway gifts to hand to clients during events or trade shows. No matter the individual, coasters are something everyone can use. It doesn’t cost much and leaves a good impression and something that will stay with your customers.

4. Practical

The same way a drink stays directly in front of a consumer, the coaster will too! Because coasters are used in social situations, people are relaxed and more open to form spending decisions.

In the span of having a drink, it creates numerous impressions of your brand for you. Easy-to-store, practical, and durable. They make great marketing tools!


How can ODM help?

Here at ODM we work closely with experienced designers to manufacture high-quality POS display and promotional products for the global market. We bring your ideas to life, with designs tailored to your brand and customers. Do not hesitate to contact us with any ideas or designs you want to bring to life – We’d love to hear from you!

If you like these branded coaster ideas, send us an email and reference product code ODM-2860 to get a quote.


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