To celebrate World Beverage Day on May 6, ODM would like to share this innovative product, which is a custom Foosball Table.  Foosball is a really fun and exciting game to play with your friends when you are out for drinks. At some bars, there are foosball tables and other drinking games available.

Hence, this product will be a great outdoor promotional item for drink companies to market their brand and also, allowing your customers to have fun at the same time!

Custom Foosball Table

Custom Foosball Table

About the Custom Foosball Table

Dimensions and Materials

The Soccer Table Top is 70 by 42.5 cm. The ice bucket is 45 cm in diameter and 20cm deep. The total height of the table is 120cm. The table is made of eco-friendly Polycarbonate, chrome-plated iron, and glass.

Drink Holders

There are 2 drink holders on the tabletop. This will prevent you from spilling your drink when you and your friends are playing a game of foosball.

Custom Foosball Table

Custom Foosball Table

Ice Bucket and Drinks Compartment

There is a compartment to place your drinks at the bottom of the table. You can keep your drinks cool in there. Also, when you want to add ice to your drink, you can just simply scoop some ice below your table.



Custom Foosball Table

Custom Foosball Table

Counter Top

The countertop is made of glass so you can place drinks or snack bowls on top. It prevents drinks from spilling into the game.

Foosball Game

There is a miniature version of a foosball game that users can play with their friends while having a drink.



There is a wide range of colors that you can choose from. You can have your brand logo printed on the sides of the table and ice compartment. The logo size will 100 by 35mm on the side of the table and 150 by 85mm on the side of the ice bucket.

Custom Foosball Table

Custom Foosball Table

How can I promote my brand with a Custom Foosball Table?

You can have your brand logo printed on the sides of the table. You can have these tables set up at bars, clubs, restaurants, or other recreational places. When customers visit these places, they would be attracted to play with the Foosball table. They would notice the brand logo and may want to purchase that brand’s drink rather than other brands.

Custom Foosball Table

Custom Foosball Table

Having these tables set up at bars and clubs will also make the place more visually appealing, youthful, and exciting.  Also, users can play drinking games with the Foosball table.  This will definitely entice more customers to these places, especially young adults.

In addition, you can also have these items as exclusive custom giveaway items. You can hold a competition where the branded foosball table will be a winning prize. More customers would want to purchase your product to compete and try to win.


Our Takeaways

ODM absolutely love this custom foosball table. Users can have fun while having a drink together. Lastly, they are great drinks promotional products, and also bars, and clubs. They will definitely attract more sales. If you are interested in this product, you can contact the ODM team and quote the code ODM-2785.


How ODM can help

ODM has years of experience in the promotional product industry. Our team of designers and merchandisers can help you with product design, sourcing, sampling, and manufacturing, to create a custom promotional product.

In addition, we have over 7000 case studies in our magazine that can help inspire you with promotional product ideas.


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