We sighted this retail store display at a grocery store in Vietnam. Made from wood, this massive POS display turns heads! This display is designed for local products such as raisins and macadamia nuts. What made this isle display stand out is the huge yellow wooden branches with lights.

Retail Store Display

Retail Store Display

Located in a busy area of the store, the product display never fails to attract shoppers. Compelling and attractive, we love the strategic location, design, and theme.


What Makes this Display Stand Out

1. Sturdy Material and Classy Design

As seen in the photo, the display looks as if it was made from some type of synthetic wood or laminate. Wood is a sturdy and beautiful material. It looks and feels classy. Thus, when it comes to aesthetics, it is ranked high up on the list of best POS display materials. Moreover, it is a fantastic long-term POS solution for store owners.


2. Calls Attention to the Merchandise

Big and bold, the display calls attention to the merchandise. Not only is the retail display huge, but you can also see that the products are arranged neatly. When there are too many products on the shelf, shoppers get easily overwhelmed. However, this display does not feel very overwhelming to look at. Instead, it makes shoppers come up and check out all the products on display. This is what makes this display so effective. It attracts people rather than confuse them with so many choices, a common mistake by retailers.


3. Lights Make it Noticeable

The lights added depth and stunning visual appeal to the retail store display. Even from a distance, we could see the massive display, thanks to the twinkling lights and the POS display’s out-of-the-box design.

Retail Store Display

Retail Store Display


4. Open Layout

The open layout allows customers to access the products from any angle. It is efficient and very inviting. Furthermore, since all the products are very visible in any direction, the likelihood of impulse purchases and repeat sales are high.


5. Hierarchy

The pyramid style display is such a clever idea. As you can see, the branches are the most eye-catching element of the display and it is placed on top, followed by the smaller items (eye-level) while the bigger ones are placed at the base. As such the items look like they are flowing. Bigger ones are usually easier to spot, but smaller ones tend to get pushed back in a sea of products. So, the pyramid grouping helped the smaller products to stand out as well.


So, using the example above, how do you sell more using a custom retail display? Here are some quick and simple tips to skyrocket your sales.


How to Sell More at the Point of Sale

1. Strategize Your Location

Location is everything. Placing the store display where your products can be seen is extremely important in merchandising. The area closest to the door is absolutely the most ideal place to position your display. So, make sure to highlight the newest, most expensive, or the most popular product to get people interested right away.


2. Add Lighting

As shown in the example above, lighting is really important in creating a focal point. Shoppers might probably get intrigued by the unique display, and once they are hooked, this might also push them to also consider buying the products.

When using lights, it is also critical to highlight the products that you want to push sales for. This will work for new products, promotions, and best-selling items.


3. Make it Fresh!

People always look for novelty. Don’t let your display go stale. Make sure to update them once in a while. Having a theme will also make people look forward to your next in-store product displays.


4. Engage the Senses

Immersive and interactive POS displays are gaining popularity nowadays. Have you seen those displays where you can touch, smell, taste, and even use the products on display? Those point of sale displays are engaging because they allow customers to try the products and from there, make a buying decision. This is why “free tastes” really work!

Here is an excellent example of an interactive display that engages the senses:


5. Make It Accessible

As demonstrated by the above example, an open layout makes the products accessible to many customers. This targets impulse buyers since they already have the intention to buy something from the beginning. Done right, they can even convert onlookers into sure buyers.


Our Key Takeaways…

Retail store displays are truly an indispensable part of every shop. Done right, they can do more than attract customers. They push sales up, convert onlookers into buyers, and even improve the shopping experience of customers. Thus, we can see how much business owners rely on them to promote their products and convey their message effectively.


Contact ODM

If you need help with designing and sourcing a retail store display do not hesitate to contact ODM. We specialize in product sourcing, designing, and manufacturing of promotional goods including, POS displays, marketing gifts, business giveaways, and product packaging. we have headquarters in China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam and can provide you great promotional product options that suit your marketing budget.


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