We all know the importance of having effective and engaging store POP display units. You see, they not only make a product stand out, but they also help customers locate a product more easily, promote discounts, push sales, and of course, keep the store organized and clutter-free. We have recently visited Vietnam and found some exciting shop display ideas. One of the many cool point-of-purchase displays that impressed us was Pepsi’s.

Shop Display Ideas

Shop Display Ideas

Pepsi is one of the largest soft drink brands in the world, delighting customers since 1898. They are still one of the major players in the food and beverage industry, operating in different countries around the globe. In Vietnam, Pepsi is distributed by Suntory and PepsiCo as part of its joint venture in the Asia Pacific region.

We have spotted their custom retail displays in a supermarket in Vietnam. One of the displays is a large floor display with multiple shelves, showcasing other Pepsi products. The other one is a display rack.


Awesome Shop Display Ideas from Pepsi: What Makes them Effective?

Freestanding Displays are Hard to Miss

This massive branded FSDU by Pepsi is really hard to miss. Because it is a standalone display, it easily stood out from the rest. Every part of the display is nicely branded and very noticeable. We actually noticed it right after entering the store.

Shop Display Ideas

Shop Display Ideas

The freestanding display also creates an exclusive “Pepsi Only” area, sp customers looking for other products by PepsiCo and Suntory will easily find them in one convenient spot. Thus, this pushes sales for all products.


Bespoke Shapes Make them Stand Out

One of the reasons merchandisers and marketing managers spend a lot on bespoke POP displays is that they easily catch one’s attention. They direct shoppers’ attention toward your products and away from competitors.

This is why Pepsi’s custom POP display is so effective. Unlike the usual rectangular shelf, this one has a custom shape. In a sea of similar-looking products and display fixtures, humans always notice that one that breaks the pattern. Therefore, Pepsi’s unique merchandise display will no doubt garner massive attention.


Colors that Pop

Promoting Pepsi Zero and Lime, Pepsi used a massive isle display decked in green and black to better convey that image. Sighted at the drinks section of the supermarket, it successfully captured its target market. The display fixture was a nice touch to a somewhat “flat” area of the store. Pepsi products stood out, effectively pushing everything else in the background.

Shop Display Ideas

Shop Display Ideas


Accessibility and Visibility of the Products

They made their products easily accessible for everyone passing by, thanks to their standalone retail display. We know that some customers are too busy to really spend a lot of time browsing through the shelves. So, you want your product to be noticeable right from the get-go.

And Pepsi got this right! The FSDU is more like an area where they stock all their products rather than just a visual display (of course, the design is visually appealing, too!)

The products are well-stacked and not overcrowded. You see, full shelves can have a positive impact on customers’ buying behavior. It is also practical to have all the products in one place as it pushes for more sales. So, if customers are looking for, say, an orange-flavored soda, they might consider PepsiCo’s Mirinda instead of the brand they usually buy. Therefore, it not only pushes more sales but converts customers as well.



Their product placement was on point as well. People passing by are encouraged to add Pepsi products to their baskets because of the products’ accessibility. They can just grab the bottles on their way to the counter. It also encourages shoppers to do last-minute purchases.


Bringing it all together…

We have seen so many cool shop display ideas in different parts of the world, but these ideas from Pepsi still managed to make a remarkable impression on us.

Design, practicality, positioning, and accessibility are what make a product display work. You do not want shoppers to pass your products by. As much as possible, you want them to spend a few seconds browsing through your display and eventually convert them into buyers. This is why Pepsi’s displays are very effective.

We love how every little detail of their display is well-thought-out, effectively influencing customers’ buying behavior. We will not be surprised if they are one of the most purchased products in the story.


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