We spotted this cardboard retail display in Singapore. Because of its wonderful and highly informational design that became highly attractive to customers, it has been great in promoting the products of Kotanyi.

Kotanyi Free-Standing Cardboard Display

Strategic placement of the FSDU, meaningful designs, as well as cost-effective materials significantly contributed to an increase in sales.

Cardboard Retail Display

Cardboard Retail Display


Free-standing displays allow you to get a high-quality frame within your budget. You can get a dump bin with display cardboard and floor-standing from us. We also have free-standing cardboard display units. These can let you control how you want to have your product merchandised and displayed in your store.


Cardboard Retail Display: What are the Benefits?

Great in Displaying Retail Products

Create floor free standing cardboard retail displays. It is one of the great ways to have your products displayed in retail. You can have these displays placed at the end of the row or away from the wall. It can provide the customers a great chance to have the products viewed from every side of the display. Free-standing display units can get placed away from the wall. It can be useful to have them in exhibitions to bring the collection to life.

Saves Space

Any exhibition or store would need free-standing cardboard retail displays. That is because these can save a lot of space. You can have the shelves stacked at floor-level, middle-level, and eye-level. Having a multilevel arrangement can make you display a lot of products.

Attractive for Customers

Have well-arranged and pleasing free-standing cardboard retail displays. These can be quite attractive to any customer. It can allow your brand to become famous to every client. When it comes to retail, having floor display stands can increase the sales turnover. That is because the products are visible and within reach of your clients.


FSDUs in Custom Free Standing Cardboard Retail Display 

You can have the floor free standing cardboard retail display. Yet, it may not be enough to get customized to suit your store and products’ needs and style. Use free-standing or floor standing custom cardboard displays like this one with Oreo. These can allow you to have your exhibition customized. They can be easy to assemble and distribute.

Cardboard retail displays also allow anyone to play with their imagination. These can create a style that suits your business. You can choose from so many options. Do this whenever you want your cardboard floor displays customized. You may have products inside boxes and use cardboard shelves in your collection.


Floor Free Standing Cardboard Retail Displays

Cardboard Retail Display

Free Standing Cardboard Retail Display by KitKat

Just like this Cardboard Retail Display with KitKat, the products can be small that you can pull them out like CDs, DVDs, and magazines. With this, you can create pockets using cardboard.

Have the products showcased in a pleasing way. Do this using cardboards to create several tiers’ podiums. It can be quite useful to have a cardboard retail display. Have it for phones, jewelry, and cosmetics. Yet, your store needs to have dump bins or floor stands for fast-moving items. Having this can be quite useful for things that have irregular shapes as they can be hard to settle on the shelves. If you want the products to move, place them on cardboard dump bins. These may also get used for charity donations or newspapers and dropping recyclables. Get the greatest visibility by using a free-standing one and placing it at the exit and entrance.


Our Key Takeaways

POS displays are cheaper, attractive, great in displaying products, and can save a lot of space. These can also become customized to suit your preferences. It can definitely provide a high-quality frame that is within your budget. Moreover, it can help you control how you would like to have your product display and merchandise appear in your store.


Learning points

Use a cardboard retail display as it can help with the following:

  • Allows you to customize and control how you want your product displayed and merchandised in the store
  • Increase your sales by making your products more attractive to customers
  • Save space


Produce Great Products with The ODM Group

Looking for Custom Free Standing Cardboard Retail Displays for your products to increase your sales? Fortunately, the ODM team can help you come up with inventive and unique product design and packaging.

The ODM Group is a Promotional Products Marketing Agency founded in Hong Kong in the year 2003. Over the years, the company has expanded its services while being rooted firmly in Asia near our factories. Because of our diverse approach, we can be a great partner to any International brand that wants to have a team to closely manage its projects.

We have expanded our scale and scope of services for more than a decade. Do you have an upcoming project where you will need our help? Contact us and let’s design and manufacture something special together.


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Free standing cardboard retail displays are off-shelf standalone displays that hold products wherein a consumer can shop. These are used to influence the buying patterns of consumers in retail environments.


POS display, shelf edging, strut cards, dummy packs, standees, counter display units (CDU), display packs, hanging signs, display stands, and endcaps


Chinese: 独立式纸板零售展示架

Vietnamese: Màn hình bán lẻ bìa cứng đứng miễn phí

Spanish: Exhibición al por menor de cartón

French: Affichage de détail en carton

Italian: Espositore per vendita al dettaglio in cartone

German: Einzelhandelsdisplay aus Pappe