Recently, we spotted his amazing wooden product display by Borjomi at a supermarket in Moscow, Russia, and immediately fell in love with it. Their bottles of mineral water are well-displayed in the upper rack and the shelves below. Without a doubt, the FMCG market is highly competitive. There is a myriad of brands that can be found at the supermarket all trying to grab the shoppers’ attention.

Wooden Product Display

Wooden Product Display

Therefore, Borjomi was able to stand out from its competitors in the highly saturated market with this wooden retail display. We absolutely can learn a few things from this promotion by the well-established mineral water brand.


What are some takeaways from Borjomi’s Wooden Product Display?

Design Appeal

I think the first thing of this wooden product display that many shoppers will notice is the beautiful design. Though it looks rather simple, it is really soothing to look at. The first thing that comes to your mind when I mention “Wood” is probably vintage, old, or rustic. This is absolutely a wonderful choice by Borjomi as it highlights the fact that the brand has been around for a long time. Furthermore, the display has some modernity about it which suits the taste of the younger crowd.


Wood is a very durable material hence, this display will be long-lasting. Furthermore, it also allows for many branding opportunities. You can add your brand logo through digital printing or engraving.

Innovative Design

The wooden POS display is simple but rather effective. The bottom shelves are spacious to place the bottles. Also, there is a ridge surrounding it to prevent the bottles from falling over.  Bottles are also placed at the upper rack at a slant level, so shoppers can view the product at their eye-level and need not have to pick up a bottle to view it closely. Plus, it prevents the bottles from falling over.

Wooden Product Display

Wooden Product Display

Boost Perceived Value

Borjomi water is rather high-end and luxurious as the water comes from the springs in Georgia. Its mentioned by the brand that their water is of the highest quality.

This POS display indeed radiates a very premium and rustic vibe and indeed highlights that. Usually, in supermarkets, some shoppers will select an item or try a new brand based on what they see. Overall, it will boost the perceived value of the brand, and shoppers with rather picky tastes are more likely to select their brand.

Stand Out from Competition

With POS Displays and Free-standing display units, they are located in a stand-alone area away from other brands. Therefore, this FSDU will immediately grab the attention of the shoppers and they are more likely to pick Borjomi over competing brands.

Brand Placement

The brand logo is large and clearly displayed on the header and on each shelf of the wooden product display. Thus, this way, shoppers can see the brand logo from a distance away. A good brand placement will leave a longer-lasting impression and finer remembrance of your brand. When designing a marketing POS display, it is important for you to make sure your brand is noticeable and will grab the attention of shoppers.

Wooden Product Display

Wooden Product Display

How ODM can help

Bojormi’s wooden product display is indeed a great move to attract customers and draw more sales for them. ODM highly recommends you to roll out POS Display or an FSDU in your in-store promotion as it will allow you to stand out in a highly saturated FMCG market.

Are you inspired by Bojormi’s custom POS display? Well, at ODM we could help you design and come up with your own unique POS display design that will surely appeal to a broad range of audiences. We have a team of talented designers from Mindsparkz that can create a design that will wow shoppers.

ODM has been in the promotional product business for a long time now, so we have in-depth knowledge about in-store marketing. Other than POS displays, we also specialize in on-pack promotions, packaging, gift with purchases, and more for the drinks and FMCG industry. The past clients who worked with us are indeed satisfied with our work and services. You will not be disappointed when working with us. You check out our  previous work with well-known brands here: Promotional Gifts for the Food Industry and Marketing Gifts for the Drinks Industry.

So, do not hesitate to contact us today!


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