Beer POS Displays are an excellent marketing strategy for you to reach out to customers about your brand. Especially with the holiday season coming up, we spotted this attractive display in a convenience store in Singapore. A highly competitive industry, marketing has become a key factor in helping certain beer brands to stand out from the rest. Thus, making use of POS displays is a highly recommended tactic. In this blog, we will tell you why.

What Is This Beer POS

Heineken recently released a limited edition bottle design for the festive season. The design wraps around the bottle to make it a presentable gift. As part of their promotions, they have created a POS display that incorporated the design onto it’s surface. The message “Great gifts don’t need any wrapping” was also printed on the unit. These in-store displays were set up in multiple retail outlets across the country.

Why We Love this Beer POS

Good Location Placement

Heineken’s beer POS was placed right beside the payment counter. Situated in such a noticeable location, the chances of customers noticing the product will increase considerably. Additionally, it makes your beer bottles easily accessible by the public. Undoubtedly, this puts you in a different league from your competitors, who only have their products displayed on regular aisle shelves.

Promotes Brand Visibility

POS displays also greatly improves brand visibility. The brand name can be printed in a large font on the surface of the display, making it easier for people to easily identify your brand. In addition, this marketing strategy is being used by many other companies and has been proven to be advantageous in several markets. Thus, it is a tried and tested method of bringing your products to the masses.


The beer POS display is made out of waterproof and durable material. Thus, it can last for a long period of time in retail stores. You will not have to worry about the display becoming damaged easily. Moreover, there are practical shelves on which you can put your stocks of beer for sale, and is not merely a visual attraction.

All of these factors added up will definitely increase the allure of your brand. Therefore, beer POS displays will be certainly improve your business, contributing to higher sales. Hence, your revenue will increase and profits will soar.

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