Does having great products enough to tempt shoppers to purchase from you? In this age where visuals are important, how can you leverage on merchandise displays to make your brand stand out? Visual merchandising displays are one of the many reasons why customers are enticed to step into retail stores. But what makes an effective display?

These polyresin displays at Yiwu were a showstopper. We could not pass the chance to check them out and snap a photo. Polyresin is a flexible yet durable material that is used for the manufacture of household products, decorative displays, art, and many more.


The colors and quirky designs are what made these polyresin displays very appealing. A bartender dog is something you would not see in restaurants, right? They make stunning displays at bars and shops. As you can see the polyresin dogs are holding up an aluminum tray as if ready to serve drinks.

Upon seeing them, we knew that they would be a brilliant addition to any visual merchandising display. Quirky, eye-catching, they will surely pull passersby into your store.


Visual Merchandising Displays

Visual merchandising is a retailing method strategically placing the store displays to grab shopper’s attention. The goal is to boost engagement and sales. It uses different elements such as floor plans, color, lighting, displays, technology, and traditional advertising media to sway customer’s attention. Examples of these displays are window installations, in-store displays, interactive displays, shelving, POS displays, posters, and, promotional or seasonal displays.

The overall appearance matters so much in this part of marketing. So, to make an impact on customers below are some tips to make your visual merchandising effective.


11 Secrets of Successful Visual Merchandising Displays in Retail Stores

  1. Get Creative

    Power up your creativity. Study the size and overall look of your store. Match it with your style and branding. How do you want people to feel inside your shop? What ambiance do you want them to experience? Place yourself in the shoes of a typical customer. How are you getting swayed by the outer and interior design of a store? At the end of the day, it’s not your taste that matters. So, get the most creativity out of you. If you’re running out of ideas, consult experts who can help you make your visions come alive.

  2. Use Interactive Displays

    This is an amazing way to invite customers to check the products on display. Interactive displays could be high-tech moving displays, bespoke retail displays that allow the exchange of information between customers and brand, and product trial displays. Give your customers a delightful impression of your brand. You may also use 3D displays or wheel of fortune to add more fun and excitement.

  3. Maximize Window Displays

    Done right, window displays will attract passersby to step into your shop and even convert them into sure buyers. It significantly helps your retail store to impress shoppers. You may also display products that you wanted to promote in window or glass displays such as special sales, offers, discounts, and likes. Make sure to showcase your premium merchandise in the marketing window display. You must incorporate a pleasant ambiance by using lighting and bright color combinations.

  4. The Power of Cross Merchandising

    With proper execution, cross-merchandising is a brilliant strategy that can drastically increase sales. It is a way of displaying complimentary products to encourage customers to make additional purchases. Some marketers call it add-on sales, incremental purchase, or secondary product placement. Just like this cross-selling done by Johnson’s company. They placed their items across items in related kinds – liquid soap products in some other family essentials – which will surely draw homemakers. Thus, boosting visual merchandising can also be done through cross-selling.


  5. Innovative POS & POP Displays

    POS or point-of-sale displays are a unique way of advertising that is located near, on, or next to checkout counters. This type of sales promotion is purposively practiced to grab shopper’s attention to the products displayed. The items being placed here might be new products, special offer products, on-sale products, or used in special events of the year like Christmas, Valentines, and the like. One good example is this POS marketing idea by Cadbury for the Easter celebration that lured shoppers to buy more.


    While on the other hand, POP or point-of-purchase is any part in the retail store where shoppers engage with your product. POP displays are separated from the standard aisle shelf. This beverage POP display inevitably invited shoppers to check items being shown here.


    Although there are similarities and differences, overall, these displays create a huge effect on the visuality of a retail store. Once effectively practiced, customers will definitely get hooked and purchase more products.

  6. Accentuate your display with quirky pieces

    Made from polyresin, these displays will surely captivate customers. These polyresin dog displays are a great addition to your in-store marketing. As polyresin is durable and hard-wearing, it can also be a great outdoor display for bars. The little trays they are holding can be utilized to display drinks and food. Quirky pieces like these make the whole ensemble look more interesting and relatable. We suggest making a polyresin figurine of your mascot to humanize your brand.


  7. Eye-marketing strategy

    Eye-level marketing is also a great way to visual merchandising displays. This type of marketing pertains to placing products using retail shelf displays, on-shelf merchandising displays or custom hang sell displays that are at the eye-level of customers. Through this method, merchandise displayed will catch the eye of every shopper.


  8. Change store displays monthly or occasionally.

    Visual merchandising displays also demand a high level of creativity in your team. It is advisable to change store displays monthly or occasionally. Whenever there’s an event or universal celebration, make sure that shoppers can feel it in your store. As holidays and seasons change, make your store perfect for it. So, research for ideas suitable for the occasion.

  9. Display products people want, not need.

    We all know that in business, it’s not what matters to you but for the customers. In the art of visual merchandising, one important aspect is to encourage shoppers to buy items they would want. Given that shoppers will definitely go to the aisles where the products they need to have are located, then, for POS, POP, on-shelf retail displays must be their wants. Entice customers to see what’s in that particular corner. Increase their curiosity and turn them into big spenders.

  10. Add lighting to brighten the store.

    Are you thinking of highlighting a product? Do you want something that will significantly transform the aesthetics of your retail store? Then, you should add a lighting effect in your store. LED light displays are a great way to turn your dull store into a beautiful one. You may also use this in your product displays like telling your shoppers that there is something in those items. Interested in avail these dazzling LED lights to use in your store? Product code: 2282.

  11. Add compelling signage and posters.

    To complete the visual merchandising displays you want to achieve for your store, never forget to add compelling signage and posters. Assure that these signs are simple and easy to read by the customers.

In conclusion

There you go! These 11 tips to improve your visual merchandising will not only enhance the presentation of your store but will also attract more sales. Visual marketing is a way to establish your brand and your products inside the retail store in a pleasing manner. You’ll understand that it’s not just displaying beautifully but effectively as well. And using visual merchandising displays is one of the most powerful ways to invite more customers to see and purchase your products. Think better, style better. Display better, market better.


How Can ODM Help With Your Visual Merchandising Displays?

Since 2003, ODM has been creating highly efficient POS and POP displays, on-shelf displays, hang sell racks, and, figurine trays for the global market. Our creative team, Mindsparkz will help you conceptualize display ideas for your retail stores. We also specialize in designing and sourcing promotional products for any business. So feel free to contact our team today.


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