Tapping into the holiday magic with a festive window display is one of the most visually impactful ways to draw shoppers to your store and leave a lasting impression. Recently, we came across a Christmas retail display in a Marks and Spencer Singapore outlet. Decked in Christmas gift boxes and custom packaging, it brought joy to our hearts that we wanted to spread to you!

Christmas Retail Display

Christmas Retail Display

Marks and Spencer Christmas Retail Display

Right off the bat, as we entered the store, we were faced with this “Gifts for Her”. Arranged in a long row, the promotional Christmas gifts were displayed on small tables surrounded by potted plants and Christmas trees. Their main gift set is packed in custom boxes of green, red, and yellow. This makes them the perfect product to buy for customers who worry about having to wrap their presents. The standard product line has also been repackaged in a Christmas dark red, fitting the theme well.

Walking into the store further, we see the corresponding “Gifts for Him” retail display. One thing that stood out for us is the acrylic display boxes that double up as display tables! Within the box, we have a large gift box, while atop them are smaller bottles of what seemed like personal care products lined up the display. The gift sets for men are packaged in sleek black and gold. However, not missing out on the Christmas colours, there is a green and gold patterned gift set too!

Christmas Retail Display

Christmas Retail Display

Why we loved this Christmas Retail Display

Customer Experience

Marks and Spencer did a great job with their Christmas decorations! Custom signs were used; Christmas trees with large ribbons were artfully placed around the store. Anyone who steps into the outlet could feel the Christmas joy. Importantly, this contributes greatly to a pleasant customer experience. Thus they will feel more compelled to make purchases, especially for the holiday.

Promotional Signs

Marks and Spencer used large hanging store signs to attract the attention of their customers. “Gifts for Him” and “Gifts for Her” were printed in large fonts, guiding the customers to the products they are looking for. There is also a sign with the Christmas promotion “Buy 1 and get 2nd at 50% OFF”. Undoubtedly, these signs can be seen by passersby walking outside the store, which can entice them to step in to check out the promotions and products, increasing footfall.

Christmas Retail Display

Christmas Retail Display

Clean Presentation

The clean presentation of the products and decorations made it easy for the customers to see their promotion. They can easily identify the special holiday products and the promotions offered. As such, there is a greater chance that a product or promotion will be able to catch their eye. Moreover, this will increase the likelihood of impulse purchases and in-store sales.


Apart from the custom retail display, Marks and Spencer has promotional products and discounts for this holiday sale. Promotions are a great way of encouraging purchases by customers. This is especially relevant during the festive season, as most people are looking to buy many items at once as gifts for their loved ones. Hence, promotions will lead to more sales, which will in turn increase the company’s revenue.

Christmas Retail Display

Christmas Retail Display

Key Takeaway

In conclusion, retail displays play a huge part in generating interest and attracting crowds to your brand. Paired with promotional products and promotions, it will for sure be a successful marketing strategy for your brand.

How ODM can help

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