Double the Fun for Consumers with an Interactive Product Display Shelf

POS displays, such as a product display shelf, are often found in retail stores to boost the sales of products. A product display shelf like the name suggests allows for products to be displayed in a pleasing and eye-catching manner. It brings about many benefits like having a separate space away from its competitors and having additional storage space. At ODM Group, we often blog on marketing displays that we have seen in real life. Today, we would like to share an interesting product display shelf that we chanced upon at Giant Supermarket, Singapore.

This product shelf display is an extremely interesting in-store display. It showcases products from the brand Pukka. Pukka provides customers with an incredible cup of herbal tea that shows the brilliance of herbs. This product shelf display features 8 different herbal tea flavours. Packed in different colours, each herbal tea has its own set of unique properties. Let us share with you 5 reasons we find this product shelf display so amazing!

product shelf display

1. Colourful & Vibrant Colours

Like many POS displays, colours play an important part in attracting customers to purchase your products. Pukka has a large variety of tea products, thus, products have different packaging. The colour pastel pink is used in this display shelf. Pink is known to be a very relaxing colour. Hence, it perfectly conveys the intention of Pukka’s herbal tea which is to promote relaxation and healthy well-being. Therefore, with the use of the right colours, it can communicate your brand’s mission even without lengthy words.

2. Floral Design & Imagery

Imagine sitting in a garden surrounded by nature like flowers and butterflies. How wonderful would it be to enjoy a cup of tea while enjoying nature? Imagery plays an extremely important role in attracting customers as well. With the use of flowers and butterflies, it also enhances the intention of being a relaxing cup of tea. The phrase “picture speaks a thousand words” is an extremely true statement. Furthermore, consumers do not have long attention spans as they take a walk around retail stores. Such visual imagery helps to garner the attention of customers. Also, you can check out this blog about a Ribena retail POS display that makes use of visual imagery.

product shelf display

3. Company Branding

Furthermore, we love the large surface area for branding. With the company logo branded on the shelf display, it helps to increase the customers’ brand remembrance of the company. Moreover, this allows the herbal tea aspect to be associated with the company. Therefore, whenever customers are looking for a company that sells herbal tea, they will have a higher chance of remembering Pukka. Besides, you can also view some great promotional products that allow for company brandings such as this promotional thermos flask and custom cup holder.

4. Additional Storage Space

Additionally, with the display shelf being on its own, it allows Pukka’s products to stand out from others. It also allows for Pukka to display their 8 different products on one shelf. Thus, customers are able to see all the different products from the company and have a wider variety to choose from. Moreover, a wider variety of products also provide Pukka with an opportunity to sell and advertise their products further.

product shelf display

5. Interactive Spinning Wheel

Finally, this interactive spinning wheel is an impressive element of this POS display. This spinning wheel allows customers to spin the wheel in order for them to find out the different benefits of each tea. With the packaging of each tea being hidden, it sparks the curiosity of buyers. So, this urges them to spin the wheel to find out the benefit of each tea. Besides, this also attracts them to buy Pukka’s products upon viewing the health benefits that each herbal tea brings.

If you are in the drinks industry and want to take your POS branding to the next level then, take a look at this interesting mini fridge with logo. It also works as a fantastic POS display since this can be customized to your branding needs.


To conclude, we believe that an interactive product shelf display like this is perfect as a marketing strategy. Firstly, this product shelf display is highly visible and is extremely creative. Secondly, the interactive feature of this product shelf display allows consumers to have a hands-on experience with the brand, which allows for a better grasp of their attention. Thirdly, its additional storage space allows for a better brand and product visibility. Hence, this is a product shelf display that is definitely on point!

So how can ODM Group help?

Here at ODM Group, we have many years of experience as a promotional marketing agency. We have experience in sourcing and manufacturing promotional goods and displays for the global market. Furthermore, we believe that branding and customisation options increase a company’s brand value. Hence, this is something that we offer here at ODM Group. Now, if you are looking to produce an interactive product shelf display, do contact our staff. However, if you are looking for inspiration for future promotional marketing strategies, you may also view our blogs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are some common materials used for POS displays?

Acrylic and Cardboard POS displays are extremely common. This is because of its cheap yet durable quality. Hence, it is most commonly used to construct POS displays.

Why is acrylic usually used for POS displays?

Acrylic is usually used because of its availability of different colours. Additionally, they scratch less and are generally easier to bond than other choices.

What does POS mean?

POS refers to Point of Sale and it is a critical piece of a point of purchase.

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