Eco-friendly promotional gifts not only showcase your brand’s personality but they can also create a direct connection with your customers. Making thoughtful decisions for the environment can help improve business and encourage customer loyalty and cut costs in the long run. Although plastic has been the go too carrier for beverages, opting for an environmentally friendly custom cup holder as gifts will be something customers will definitely appreciate.

If you are a bubble tea fan or enjoy buying beverages when you are strolling around you must have seen these custom cup holders around carrying beverages. It has become the most popular eco-friendly promotional gifts in the F&B and drinks industry today. It is no surprise as more and more customers and companies are turning to green alternatives to protect the environment. Here are some product ideas for your next promotion.

Custom Cup Holder

Custom Cup Holder

Why should I invest in a custom cup holder?


This lifestyle trend is a popular one among many in an effort to eliminate the use of plastic where alternatives can be used, protecting ocean life, and reducing our carbon footprint. Eco-friendly products are a great way to boost the image of your brand and encourage customer loyalty. Offering a custom cup holder for customers enjoying a beverage is a delight indeed!

Not to mention these custom cup holders are made from materials that are reusable. Knowing this will encourage more people to be eco-conscious in their buying decisions. At the same time, this excellent feature of the cup will no doubt make a positive impression on the minds of their customers.



There are many different ways to customise your cup holder to fit your brand’s marketing needs. Your can to print on your company logo, customise company colours so that customers will be reminded of your brand instantly when using the product. What a way to boost brand recognition and exposure for F&B companies and drinks companies alike!



Custom Cup Holder

Custom Cup Holder

Hate it when condensation gets messy and causes wet patches. Well, a cup holder such as this one solves these problems. This is a promotional gift that your customers will appreciate and get a lot of use out of. Especially when there is an upward trend in eco-friendly tools and drinks consumption.


Boosting Sales

There are many ways to offer a custom cup holder to boost your sales. Offer them as customer giveaways, a free gift with a purchase, or a redemption gift for your company to your customers. This acts as an enticement for customers to turn to your brand and your products. A surefire way to impress and draw customers, boosting sales!


To Sum It Up …

The F&B and drinks industries continue to grow more and more competitive as many companies are making a comeback from the pandemic. Now’s the time to stand out and win over customers more than ever! Your brand will greatly benefit from green promotional merchandise like this custom cup holder. One that will be sure to interest your customers and gain their loyalty to your brand.

Playing your part to help the environment as a brand and encouraging your customers to do the same will make such a difference in the reduction of the use of plastic.


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