We recently came across these green promotional gifts from Pacific Coffee and we absolutely love them! Not only are they useful and beautifully designed, but they are environment-friendly as well. True to their company’s vision of “conserving the environment while offering quality products and services,” they are giving away these items for free to encourage more people to be eco-conscious in their purchases.

Green Promotional Gifts

Green Promotional Gifts

Pacific Coffee is offering foldable food bags and resealable silicone straws with pouches as gifts with purchase. To obtain the gifts, customers will have to purchase or top up their loyalty cards. For every $500 worth of purchase or top-up, they will get a foldable food bag. Customers will get free silicone straws with $300 worth of purchase or top up.

Dubbed as “Green Living,” this sustainable marketing is in line with their environmental initiatives. Their motto, “the thought, the cup, my way,” is a promise to serve their customers “a total lifestyle experience.”

So aside from offering excellent service, they are also dedicated to protecting the environment by ensuring that the cafe merchandise and equipment they use will leave less carbon footprint. In fact, they have limited the use of plastic straws and banned plastic cutlery within their stores. They even give customers discounts for bringing their own mugs when purchasing their handcrafted coffee. And their current promotion is proof of their commitment to their cause.

So, here are the reasons why Pacific Coffee’s Green Promotional Gifts will inspire you to incorporate sustainable marketing into your business operations.


Green Promotional Gifts: Why We Love Pacific Coffee’s Sustainable Marketing Ideas

The Bag

Foldable food bags are a fantastic alternative to plastic packaging. Being reusable allows consumers to use it over and over again without compromising the quality of the food. It is large enough to keep regular size lunch boxes while the ergonomic style allows users to carry the bag with ease. Customers will surely be proud to carry this bag around because of its eye-catching and cute design.

Green Promotional Gifts

Green Promotional Gifts


The custom printed bag is originally sold for $128, but customers will get this for free for every $500 top-up. So this is a win-win for both the store and the customers.

Green Promotional Gifts

Green Promotional Gifts


The Silicone Straw

Pacific Coffee’s resealable silicone straws come in two different violet hues with the brand name printed in white. As the name suggests, it is resealable in that the sides can be opened and closed. This allows users to efficiently clean the straws. Unlike the usual plastic straw, this one is reusable and resealable. This is a simple way to minimize the plastic trash that goes to our oceans and landfills.

Green Promotional Gifts

Green Promotional Gifts

It comes with a matching drawstring pouch bag for dust and dirt protection. The original selling price is $38/piece but is offered free with a top-up of $300 or more.

Green Promotional Gifts

Green Promotional Gifts


Why this Works…

Customer Incentive: The green promotional gifts serve as a reward for customers for their continued support. With this kind of incentive, customers will be encouraged to support the coffee chain even more.

Values: Pacific Coffee has successfully promoted its brand and advocacy through its green promotional gifts. So what did we learn from this? As a company, your marketing gifts should not only be relevant to your niche but should also be anchored to your values and mission.

Eco-Friendly: This is the most important reason why this sustainable marketing by Pacific Coffee works. Many people are starting to become socially and environmentally aware of their choices. The consumers of today are more likely to support companies that give back to the community or have a clear stance on social and environmental issues.


If you are in the F&B sector and would like to boost your business through sustainable marketing, here are some excellent eco-friendly promotional ideas for you.


Green Promotional Gifts- Ideas to Boost your Store’s Sustainable Marketing:

Bamboo Cups- A great addition to your cafe marketing stint, these bamboo cups are 100% biodegradable and recyclable.


Bamboo Straws- Should you join the bamboo products trend?


Paper Straw– This is yet another ingenious promotional idea for the food and beverage industry. If you are marketing drinks, then you should start investing in these products now!


Silicone Straws with Container– These silicone straws are foldable and come with a capsule cover to keep them clean and hygienic. Companies can customize their colors and style to suit their branding needs.


Cornstarch Spoons- Cornstarch is fast becoming popular in the manufacturing industry. It is sustainable and non-toxic, so it is an ideal material for the manufacture of kitchen and dinnerware. Below is an example of a cornstarch base eating utensil. Read the blog to know why you should start investing in these eco-friendly products.


Compostable Paper Packaging- Ditch single-use plastic and opt for something that is 100% recyclable, like this compostable paper packaging.



How Can We Help You?

Do you wish to make a significant impact on our environment whilst promoting your company? Green promotional gifts should be on top of your list. Fortunately, the ODM Group is here to help you. We specialize in product sourcing and designing effective and high-quality custom promotional merchandise, giveaways for business, and eco-friendly packaging. Contact us today!


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