Many businesses today are creating and adopting different green marketing ideas. Moreso, they are developing and advertising nature-friendly products that are beneficial to nature and humans.

Recycling and innovating products to make them even more useful are some of the concepts of the green initiative.

These elegant pieces of kitchenware made of rattan, bamboo, and coconut shell are just some of the best examples of environmentally-friendly promo ideas. It may sound odd, but these indigenous materials look classy and elegant when turned into household items! These products can be the next big thing in marketing.

6 Unique Green Marketing Ideas for Businesses 

These products will probably good additions to your business operations. Customers who are eco-conscious will appreciate your brand even more.

Coconut Bowls

These coconut bowls promote healthier eating. These can be used for serving cold and even hot meals. These beautifully handcrafted products are absolutely sturdy. Unlike any other dinnerware, these coco bowls are fairly durable and reusable. Another good thing about these bowls is they come with free spoons that can be used several times. There are also customized eco-friendly products that would be ideal for restaurants and resorts.

Rattan Trays, Holders, and Caddies

Rattan is one of the most accessible indigenous materials in the world. Therefore, products made from rattan are everywhere. And among the most creative rattan creations are trays, holders, and caddies. Thus, serving tray and holders made from this material are absolutely one of a kind.

Bamboo Glasses

These bamboo drinking cups help promote green living. These unique inventions could be the best option for people who are eco-conscious. Compare to others, these glasses are certainly durable and can be used for a long period of time. Moreover, custom bamboo products do not possess harmful chemicals, unlike plastic.



Eco-Friendly Dish Brushes

Clean up your dishes with these eco-friendly dish brushes. These brushes will absolutely help in maintaining your kitchenware and certainly help to protect nature. Moreover, these are perfect for cleaning pots, pans, glasses, and plates.

These are made from the fibrous interior of the vine loofa or luffah, a genus of the cucumber family. It is 100% green so you do not have to worry about microfibers getting washed into the ocean.


Advantages of Having Eco-Friendly Products

Typically, most restaurants and resorts use ceramics dinnerware to serve food to their customers. But how can these unique kitchenwares help in brand promotion? Flaunt your brand using these eco-friendly products.

Create Positive Image

As mentioned, more and more businesses practice sustainable marketing. These products help create a positive image of the company. Since people are becoming more eco-conscious, using these products can be an ideal way to show how you care and prioritize giving solutions to the growing environmental issues.

Brand Exposure

Promote your brand using these innovative products. Flaunt and make your name stand out in your unique way of presenting your products. These products can be designed according to the brand’s identity. They can also be used as perfect 0n-pack items or promotional giveaways.

Upgrade Corporate Social Responsibility

Bring your brand to the next level. A study shows that roughly over 90% of customers expect businesses to operate ethically. They tend to remain loyal to brands that provide solutions to the existing social and ecological problems.



These products are not just eco-friendly. They are absolutely budget-friendly! They are certainly inexpensive raw materials, therefore the products are very affordable. Moreover, them is a very good way to save money. They are also ideal for on-pack, GWP, and redemption promos.

Meticulous product brainstorming is absolutely required to come up with creative and unique promotional ideas. Therefore, these are products of a thorough idea consolidation process.

How can ODM Help You With Your Marketing?

Level up your brand promotions! If you believe that these pieces of eco-friendly items will help you promote your resort or restaurant business,  then send us an email. Reach us and use the following codes:  ODM- 3518 for Coconut Bowls, ODM- 3253 for Glass Holders, ODM- 3282 for Rattan Caddies and tray, ODM- 3292 for Bamboo Glasses, and ODM- 3526 for eco-friendly ish Brushes.  Start planning and creating fresh eco-friendly marketing ideas with the ODM team.

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