If you are one of the many people who love to go to cafes, you probably notice certain pieces that can never be absent on every table. Well, if you agree with this, you know that it is not the tablecloth nor the utensils. Yep! they are the tissue holders at the center of the table. Napkins have been essential whenever you dine in on cafes or in any similar establishments. And they are not just something to keep napkins in one convenient place, but they have also been a huge part of many businesses’ branding. This is where innovative custom packaging ideas comes to play. Check out this tissue holder with a twist!

Custom Packaging Ideas

Custom Packaging Ideas

Tissue Paper in a Cup for a Unique Branding Strategy

Since tissue holders have just become normal things on every table, why not give them a make-over? People usually see simple boxes, plain pieces of plastic, or sometimes dull wood or metal as holders for tissue papers. Giving them a different shape and look would probably become more eye-catching!

Custom Packaging Ideas

Custom Packaging Ideas

5 Ways Innovative Custom Packaging Ideas Promote Better Branding

Listed below are why tissue papers in a cup are one of the unique custom packaging ideas for restos, cafes, and the likes.

1. Authenticity

People love customized items. Using innovative promotional merchandise in businesses introduces who they are and what they offer. Producing custom promotional shows originality or authenticity. They are representing a brand. Moreso, they are showing the people their ownership of the brand.

2. Appealing

Who would not want to try something new? You must admit, there’s a sudden urge, an excitement whenever you see new things. Fresh ideas are really appealing to our eyes. It is sporadic to see creative packaging design for tissue dispensers. Seeing a unique shape or design is absolutely intriguing and appealing.

Custom Packaging Ideas

Custom Packaging Ideas

3. Exhibits Quality

People love visuals. They love seeing colorful and creative merchandise ideas. And knowing this fact, they would certainly come up with the thought that beautiful packaging promotes excellent services or products. Having unique custom packaging ideas surely help brands sell more and present their brand better.

4. Durable and Reusable

Having beautiful packaging is good, but making it beautiful and durable at the same time is an exception! These tissue holders are also recyclable, considering that they are made from paper. They are definitely inexpensive, and very safe for the environment.

5. Great On-Pack Gift

Aside from cafes, using these custom tissue holders could also be an effective marketing strategy for wine or beer businesses,  cosmetics, bars, restos, hotels, reception areas, and hospitals. Making these as an on-pack gift with purchase could help for better branding. Giving away these items will make the brand a remarkable one.

Custom Packaging Ideas

Custom Packaging Ideas


To Wrap This Up…

Product packaging does not merely help protect the product from any damage, but it also helps build a stronger brand impression. Moreover, it also plays a key role in brand marketing. Therefore, creating innovative packaging for your brand really requires creativeness and lots of planning.

Custom Packaging Ideas

Custom Packaging Ideas

Truly, mediocrity kills excellence, and creativity surely births success. Take your branding to the next level with the help of our product designers and merchandisers. Are you interested in this custom packaging idea? Send us an email and quote product code ODM-3499 today!

Should you need help with your product promotion or personalized promotional products for your business, the ODM group would be happy to serve you. With years of experience, we have mastered our expertise in the promotional product industry. Get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you!


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