Are you running out of packaging ideas? To maximize your marketing budget, you want your packaging to be sturdy, high-quality, and beautiful. With that said, we highly recommend using custom wooden packaging. Many liquor brands are using wood packaging to showcase their products and one of them is Taiwan-based Kavalan.

Custom Wooden Packaging

Custom Wooden Packaging

Spotted at Duty Zero, Kavalan is currently promoting its Fino Sherry Cask which comes in a branded wooden packaging. Here’s why we like this packaging idea.


What Made Kavalan’s Custom Wooden Packaging Stand Out?

Kavalan’s custom wooden packaging is high-class and therefore, world-class. It reflects the attention and detail that goes into making their fine whiskey. They are named as the Best New World Single Malt Whisky in 2012 by the World Whiskies Awards and Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, and we can see that right away from their packaging.

The custom branded wooden box packaging features a lock to secure the content. There was also a wooden contraption inside to keep the bottle in place. This ensures that the bottle will not move when transported. Durability and elegance are the main selling points of this branded wood packaging.

Inside there is a gold card for their marketing copy. This way, customers can learn more about the product.

Custom Wooden Packaging

Custom Wooden Packaging

Furthermore, wood lends a classy appeal that suits their target customers. Wood makes an excellent choice of material as it can help increase the look and value of the product itself. Anyone will be delighted to receive this whiskey in a high-quality custom-designed box packaging as a gift.

Having a beautiful custom wooden packaging allowed Kavalan to stand out from the rest. By having well-designed packaging, you are giving customers a great reason to choose your product over others. This is because people tend to gravitate towards beautiful and unique products on the shelf. When done right, your wooden packaging can tremendously influence your customers’ buying behavior.

Aside from the beautiful wooden packaging, Kavalan also used some informative point of sale display marketing displays to augment their liquor marketing.


Other Marketing Items that caught our Attention

Custom Wooden Packaging

Custom Wooden Packaging

Written on the Podium like POS display is the history of Kavalan. This gives people an overview of the product and the company’s core value.


Custom Wooden Packaging

Custom Wooden Packaging

They also made use of an acrylic display stand to augment their marketing strategy. It is simple, yet effective in communicating Kavalan’s branding message.


To sum up…

Kavalan did a great job promoting their Fino Sherry Cask with a high-quality custom wooden packaging. The casket is designed to reflect the quality of their fine whiskey. Further, the sturdy material provides sturdy support for the bottle.

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