Recently, I applied for a mobile travel wallet by YouTrip and received the debit card by mail. The card came in a stylish branded card packaging. I was amazed by the sliding function of the packaging.

Let me tell you why I love this branded card packaging and why your brand should also have one.


Design of the Branded Card Packaging

High Quality

The branded card packaging is made of good quality paper that will not damage or crumple. When the card was delivered to me, the packaging was still in mint condition. Furthermore, the card packaging protects the card from being damaged.


Brand Logo

The logo is well-placed in the center and customers can recognise it.

Branded Card Packaging

Branded Card Packaging – Front


The packaging is slim, which makes it easy and cheaper to deliver to the customer by post.


Design Appeal

The sliding function is really innovative and unique, which will definitely intrigue consumers. Furthermore, the choice of colour for the branded packaging design makes it very luxurious.

Branded Card Packaging

Sliding Function of the Branded Card Packaging


More information is shown when you open it. Hence, the branded card packaging is great as it conceals more important information and protects the privacy of the user.

Branded Card Packaging

Branded Card Packaging – Opened to show more information and the card


Branded Card Packaging

Branded Card Packaging

Why should you have a Branded Card Packaging

Brand Remembrance

For some card companies, when the card is delivered to you, it is just attached to the letter. It will leave little to no impact on the user. However, if the card comes in a unique branded packaging, it could leave a bigger impact on the user and will remember the brand.

Brand Image

Other than brand remembrance, the customer would feel they are valued by the company and this may ensure continual loyalty to the brand. It also gives an impression to potential customers that they are a very reputable brand, hence, increasing brand awareness.

In addition, a branded card packaging is also great for gift cards where customers would give to friends as a present. The packaging will make the present more attractive. Also, the gift receiver will have a good impression of the brand and will be more interested in them.

Our Learning Points

Overall, having a bespoke brand packaging could improve the brand image and remembrance and create more brand explore for a company. YouTrip’s card packaging design definitely stood out because of its uniqueness and stylishness.


If you are looking for card packaging, custom brand packaging, or other custom promotional merchandise, feel free to reach out to us. We also have an in-house design team, Mindsparkz, that can help with ideation. The ODM team will also help with manufacturing, sampling and product sourcing.


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