‘The best loyalty program is the perfect promotional gift.’ One theory that ODM Group cannot agree more. Introducing the best loyalty program – USB Membership Card.

USB Membership Card

The best way to signify and prove for membership with any organization would be a membership card. Introducing to you the USB Membership Card.

USB Membership Card

USB Membership Card

Issue to all of your members a new USB Membership Card with all of their account details now!

This USB Membership Card serves two purposes –

  • Membership Card to enjoy privileges and discounts
  • USB Flash drive to store important data

Needless to say, this USB Membership Card works as well as any current membership card with a membership barcode imprinted on it.

Differentiating from other USB flash drives, a USB Membership Card is easy to keep and transport! Simply keep it in your wallet!

Check out our very own ODM Group’s USB –

ODM Group USB Card

ODM Group USB Card

As seen, the card is name card/ credit card size and you can customize it however you like! A simple logo and QR code will do the job of marketing just as great!

What makes the perfect promotional gift?

Many of the times, corporations have been and are still looking for the perfect promotional gift that would raise brand awareness, build customer loyalty, generate increment in sales and so on.

The perfect promotional gift has the following factors –

  • Raises brand awareness
  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Increases sales
  • Improves brand image
  • Aids in brand recognition
  • Increases brand recall
  • Increases brand value or brand equity
  • Improves brand personality and identity

The best loyalty program

There’s a reason why every corporation in the world, whether big or small is investing in a loyalty program.  Loyalty programs are basically marketing techniques that encourage buying behavior from customers. Buying behavior from customers is encouraged through discounts or a points, bonus and reward program.

Throughout the entire loyalty program, all the above factors for the perfect promotional gift are fulfilled. Through effective marketing, there would be an increase in brand awareness, brand recognition, brand value and improves the brand image and brand personality. With such impact on the brand in addition to discounts, there would be an increase in sales and therefore building up customer loyalty.