Recently, we came across this marketing strategy by Brennans Bread on Facebook, where they will send a personalised picture of the bread packaging that has the name of their kid. Afterward, they would sen them a print out through social media for their kids to colour in. Then, the parents will post their entry on Facebook and the winner will get to donate €500 to a charity of their choice.  Personally, we think that this is a really interesting activity for kids and families.

Here are 6 reasons why we love Brennans Custom Brand Packaging promotion strategy.


1. Personalised

Consumers can have their name printed out on the brand packaging where children can customise and colour whatever they like. Having a custom brand packaging like this is a great way to increase sales and customer satisfaction.


2. Connects with Consumers

Brennans main target market is parents and family and their promotional and marketing strategy usually revolves around family. Being based in Ireland, where families are usually very tight-knit, their marketing strategies work.  In addition, with their custom brand packaging strategy, they marketed it as a great stay-at-home bonding activity. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, where people are advised to stay at home, this is a great activity for kids to pass the time.

3. Creates Pester Power

Having a custom brand packaging like that usually appeals to children and youths. When they see a product like this in supermarkets, they may pester their parents to buy it so that they can do the activity.


4. Charitable

Brennans will select the best effort from all the entries and the winner will get to donate €500 to a charity of your choice. As Ireland is known to be one of the most charitable nations in Europe and worldwide, this promotional strategy works in the country. It will attract consumers to participate and win. In addition, this custom retail packaging gives consumers a good impression of the company and hence, enhancing their brand image.


5. Brand Recognition

Even though the name of the company is replaced with the consumer’s own name, the packaging is still easily recognisable by consumers as other details are retained, such as the colour, quotes or symbols.

custom brand packaging

Consumers can still recognise the brand even with personalised packaging

6. Digital Marketing

Lastly, this a great social media promotion strategy. Brennans is able to connect with consumers on social media to improve brand loyalty. Parents can share their children’s finalised work of their own bread pan design on Facebook. Their friends may see their posts and maybe intrigued to know more about the challenge and learn about the company as well. Actually, Coca-cola also has a similar campaign known as the “Share a Coke” Campaign, which was very successful and had gained a lot of attention on social media.



Overall, Brennans’ custom brand packaging is a great promotional strategy to boost their brand loyalty and image. It is a great example of market segmentation and understanding their consumers.


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