Sanitary Care Products Asia (SCPA), produces sanitary products such as tissues, baby wipes and paper towels. These products are commonly used in parties, restaurants, and picnics. With the emphasis on outdoor use, the Cheers Picnic Set contains napkins, cutlery and trash bags. These items are commonly used at an outdoor picnic, thus it’s branded packaging design appropriately shaped like a picnic basket. This relates to customers that the product can be used while outdoors. as seen in the picture below:


Pros and Cons to Cardboard Branded Packaging Design

Branded Packaging Design


The picnic set contains napkins, so it is important that the packaging needs to be sturdy and water resistant.

Strength – SCPA uses non-corrugated cardboard in Cheers Picnic Set. This means that not only is it flimsy, but is also not durable and easily crushed. Although corrugated cardboard is relatively strong and will hold up well to prevent its contents from being crushed,  its strength is dependant on the corrugation patterns.

Water Resistance – the cardboard has no water resisting properties such as lamination or sealing. Thus when damp, moisture can be easily transferred from the cardboard packaging to its contents. On the flip side, if the product is not discarded properly after use, the lack of lamination or sealing allows the product to decompose easily.


Branded Packaging Design

Branded Packaging Design


In this case, the shelf where it found was messy, resulting in low product visibility. The product was not placed alongside products of a similar brand, thus interested customers would not know where to find more of the same product.

A solution to this would be the use of Point of Sale displays to better showcase the products. Not only are Point of Sale displays easy to set-up, but they also instantly attract the attention of a customer. On top of that, SCPA can make use of coupons and free gifts as part of their branded packaging design to help promote their items. An example of this can be seen in a previous case study done on Kopparberg.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

With an increasing emphasis on eco-friendliness, more and more companies and consumers are focusing on ‘going green’. With more people frowning upon the use of plastic, cardboard is an eco-friendly alternative for branded packaging design due to being highly bio-degradable. If exposed to the elements, cardboard can decompose in as short as 3 months!

Pros and Cons to Cardboard Packaging

Cost – With the cost of materials constantly increasing, cardboard is a relatively cost-effective and cheap way to package goods. Cardboard is also generally lightweight which means it will cost less to ship. The cost of waterproofing cardboard, via lamination, is also cheaper than acquiring plastic or rubber packaging.

Water Resistance – However, unless laminated or sealed, cardboard poses little resistance to water. Once wet, cardboard will more often than not soften. If left in direct contact with moisture will turn pulpy, thus not ideal for constant outdoor use or storage. On top of not being water resistant, cardboard is also a highly absorbent material and thus will also transfer any moisture absorbed to the contents it packages.

This case study focuses on the use of cardboard. However, it is important to note that there are many other forms of eco-friendly packaging such as rice husk packaging and corn starch packaging.

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