Work from Home Survival Kit: 10+ Must-Have Items!

As the world faces a serious global health crisis due to the COVID-19 outbreak, employees have to work remotely from home to contain the virus. In this article, you’ll find a list of 10 crucial products for your survival kit to help you work effectively from home despite this terrible situation. Let’s check out our top ten work-from-home survival kits!

Work From Home Survival Kit

Work From Home Survival Kit


10+ Must-Have Items for Your Work from Home Survival Kit

1. Custom Hand Sanitizer

Hygiene is paramount during this period. Hand sanitizer is perfect for protecting ourselves from germs, bacteria, and viruses. It can be used to disinfect our hands and the surfaces that we touch, such as laptops, phones, desks. Moreover, a hand sanitizer can be customized to raise the brand awareness of your company. If you are interested in customized hand sanitizers as a company gift, send us an inquiry referencing the code ODM-1669.

Work from Home Survival Kit - Custom-Hand-Sanitizer

Work from Home Survival Kit – Custom-Hand-Sanitizer


If you’re looking for a branded inspiration, check out this example from HiGeen, a renowned brand for its  quality hygiene products.


 2. Customized Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is crucial to fight the virus. Moreover, water bottles can be multifunctional and fully customizable. Who said drinking water was boring? There are water bottles with an in-built earphone case and charger, and others have phone holders, in-built fans, and Bluetooth speakers.

Check out this custom bottle with earbuds.

Custom Bottle With Earbuds

Custom Bottle With Earbuds


For more bottle ideas, see this blog below!

3. Branded Ear Plugs

Don’t forget to use earplugs to stay focused! We know that working at home can be distracting because of family, kids, etc. But with earplugs, you will be able to work effectively.

Successful Promotional Products: Branded Ear Plugs 

Successful Promotional Products: Branded Ear Plugs


4. Door hangers

“Do not disturb” door hanger is quite essential not to get distracted by anyone else. Moreover, door hangers are a straightforward cheap product for promotion, and it can generate awareness among potential consumers because it’s beneficial!


Work from Home Survival Kit - Promotional Door Hanger

Work from Home Survival Kit – Promotional Door Hanger


5. Sustainable Promotional Pens

Sustainable pens are essential when working from home. But you need to store them in good condition. Store them somewhere that is not too hot or too dry, as this will speed up the drying process. Ensure that they are stored vertically rather than horizontally. If you think the ink in your pens has run out, it may be just the ink directly behind the ballpoint that has dried. To fix this, simply run the end of the pen under boiling water, or soak in alcohol.

Manufacturing Pens in China

Recycled Paper Pens


Actually, hand sanitizer spray pens are also trendy at ODM! Product code: ODM-612.

For more pen ideas, see this blog below, Manufacturing Pens in China:


6. Wireless Charging Notebook

Employees use notepads daily, but a wireless charging notebook will definitely boost your productivity! It has different compartments to stand your phone, to store a pen and sticky notes. They also make a great client gift item for work-from-home employees. The product code is ODM-2392.

Work From Home Survival Kit - Wireless Charging Notebook

Work From Home Survival Kit – Wireless Charging Notebook


 For more interesting custom promotional notebook ideas, see:

7. Bean bag

It’s vital to set a comfortable workplace. Bean bags will be perfect for preventing back pain because working in an uncomfortable position during hours can be very painful! 


Work From Home Survival Kit – Bean Bags


8. Custom 3D mug

We all love working and drinking a big cup of tea or coffee. 3D mugs are amusing and bring some positive vibes during this tough period of the virus outbreak. This is also a chance for companies to promote their business. By gifting their employees with custom 3D mugs with logo, they strengthen the employee-employer relationship beyond office floors! If you think of having a custom 3D mug for company promotions, do send us an inquiry for product code ODM-2605.


Work from Home Survival Kit - Custom 3d mug

Work from Home Survival Kit – Custom 3d mug


Does your drink get cold after a while? Why not have a custom USB mug warmer on your desk? This also comes with a wireless charger for your phone! Product Code: ODM-2978.

Custom USB Mug Warmer

Custom USB Mug Warmer


9. Laptop and Phone Stand

Laptop and phone stands are very convenient for meetings. It allows you to stand on your phone during meetings, and you can easily explain different things and talk with the gesture.

Branded Stands To Use With Laptops and Tablets

Work From Home Survival Kit – Phone and Laptop Stand


Also, check out this Custom Screen Cleaner with a phone stand.

Custom Screen Cleaner

Work from Home Survival Kit – Custom Screen Cleaner


10. Custom Face Mask Pouch

If you have to leave your home for whatever reason, you have to wear a mask. A face mask pouch is very convenient because you have to store them well so that their life can be prolonged. 

Custom Pandemic Kit - Custom Face Mask Pouch

Custom Face Mask Pouch


11. Custom Wooden Pen Holders

Keep your desk tidy and organized with these custom wooden pen holders. A well-organized desk will surely help you focus on your tasks and finish them on time! If you like this product, then contact us and reference product code ODM-2928.

Custom Pen Holders

Custom Pen Holders- Vehicle Shaped Organizers


12. Custom Magnetic Whiteboard

This custom magnetic whiteboard is not only a place to write down your ideas. It also serves as a tack board without punching holes into your documents. Product code: ODM-2706.

Custom Magnetic Whiteboard

Custom Magnetic Whiteboard


If you are interested in one of those products for the perfect work-from-home survival kit, don’t hesitate to contact us. At ODM Group, we can create for you the perfect product that meets your needs.


13. Custom Cocktail Shakers

Celebrate the end of the day with a cocktail!

Also, working from home means not being able to hang out with colleagues after work. Some companies actually have video calls after work for team bonding and will have themed events, such as “Bring your Own Liquour.”  So, why not bring the bar to your home with your own custom cocktail shaker!

Marketing Products for Alcohol - Cocktail Shakers with Instructions

Work From Home Survival Kit – Cocktail Shakers


Having such team bonding events is a good employee well-being initiative. To find out what activities you can implement at work, this blog is really worth a read!

14. Yoga Mat

It is recommended to have some simple exercises during your breaks at home. Roll out a yoga mat to do some stretching. Product code: ODM-769.

Home Workout Survival Kit

Home Workout Survival Kit – Yoga Mat


For more product ideas to have in your home workout, see this blog:

15. Webcam Covers

Custom Webcam Covers

Custom Webcam Covers


Custom webcam covers are one of the must-have tech accessories! Prevent the invasion of privacy through webcam hacking by covering your laptop camera when not in use. Furthermore, they also make great cheap promotional items!


ODM is committed to working with partners as a Transparent Buying Office. We work open book with clients, factories and suppliers. It is critical to get supplies moving fast and to have fair market pricing during the current Pandemic. Check out other #Covid19 related posts.



Why should I invest in a Custom Hand Sanitiser?

Hand sanitizers have become one of our daily essentials worldwide. Customize them to remind your customers of your brand while they keep their hands free from germs. They also make great giveaway gifts by showing customers or employees you care.

How is a Work from Home Survival Kit Beneficial?

Working from home has become a part of a temporary normal for many countries. Offices are closed and employees are working from home for the safety of staff. Including your brand in your own work from home kit can greatly boost your brand awareness because your customers will be using them while working 5 days of the week! This is also a great way to show your employees you care.

Are all these items customisable?

Yes! All these items are easily customisable to fit your brand. From printing of your logo, brand name to picking the colours, design and shape to best fit the image of your brand.


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