Nowadays, when we travel to places for a long period of time or even for a night we tend to stay in hotels. When people stay in hotels they normally look a quality + price relationship and that all their needs are satisfied and that the hotel provides them an excellent services at all times. One of the most common ways to make people remember your brand name is by using promotional products like branded soap, branded slippers, branded towels, etc. Another product we could use is a PVC door hanger which is always an exceptional marketing idea to throw our name out to the public. This is a very simple product that can be modified in designs  an easily can be purchased in massive quantities.

We can see below an example of this marketing idea that will generate brand awareness:


Marketing Idea: PVC Door Hangers

Marketing Idea: PVC Door Hangers

How does using a  PVC Door Hanger as a marketing strategy help a business to generate brand awareness?

The main objective of any brand but especially a hotel brand is to generate awareness that will last for a long time. This can be in the form of services and quality received by the staff as well as the treatment. Normally, we could offer clients with some giveaways like branded pens, but sometime it is also useful to brand our own products that we use in the hotel during their stay. This will help them get the brand in their head as they will see it everywhere. If it is an eye-catching product it is much better as it will be fix in their mind due to the uniqueness and creativity.

This door hanger is a very simple and cheap product that can be bought in large quantities and that can really help to deliver brand awareness to our clients in hotels. This will normally be  hanged on hotel rooms where customers will spend their stay.

Branding your product always will give a message to our clients and it depends on us on how we can deliver issues to gain competitive advantage over rivals.