With St. Patrick’s Day round the corner, Malone is offering a promo gift. By spending SGD$50, customers can receive a limited edition St. Patrick’s T-shirt. This is only available while stocks last.

Malone is an Irish restaurant and bar located in Singapore. They offer a variety of Irish food, from starters to desserts. They also have a variety of Irish drinks available at their bar.

Promo Gift by Malone - T-shirt

Promo Gift by Malone – T-shirt

Why a T-shirt as a promo gift?

A T-shirt was used as a promo gift as when the T-shirt is worn, it acts as a form of advertisement. Clothing is one item that draws attention easily. If the T-shirt has the brand or logo on it, people who see the T-shirt would come to know about the brand. This form of walking advertisement exposes your brand to the public in a highly cost effective manner.

Another advantage of a T-shirt is that it attracts much attention. Most people enjoy collecting different kinds of shirts from different places. Some people in Singapore even join marathons just to receive the shirt! Hence, using a T-shirt as a promo gift would gain much attention.

The T-shirt is also labeled as limited edition. This again draws attention to the promo gift. Limited edition items have a high perceived value in customers’ mind. This would make the promo gift effective.

What can a promo gift do for your brand?

A promo gift can increase sales. Because there is a minimum amount to be spent, people would spend the minimum amount so that they can receive the gift. This helps to increase the amount of products sold, increasing revenue.

A promo gift can also foster customer loyalty. Promo gifts give customers a sense of belonging to the brand, especially for T-shirts. It helps to create a special connection between the brand and its customers. This customer loyalty will help to ensure continuity of the company.