Natio has made use of outdoor blankets as a marketing product. Simply spend $35 or more on Natio products at Myer and the outdoor blanket would be all yours! This outdoor blanket is extremely useful especially for those who like to go on a picnic be it with friends or family.


Marketing Products by Natio-Outdoor blanket

Marketing Products by Natio-Outdoor blanket

Natio is one of the fastest growing beauty brands in Australian department stores and the top performing skincare and bridge make-up brand in Australian pharmacies. It has evolved from an Australian family business that has been manufacturing skin care and cosmetics for national and international brands over four generations for the past 75 years.

Why did Natio use this outdoor blanket as a marketing product?

An outdoor blanket is a practical gift. You can just pack it and bring it along with you wherever you go. Want to go on a picnic with your friends or family? Want to bring it to a place where the ground is uneven or it is hard and uncomfortable to sit? No worries! All you have to do is to pack one of these outdoor blankets and all your problems will be solved! These outdoor blankets can be folded so they can be kept in your bag or cupboard and you do not have to worry that it will take up too much space.

These blankets come in two colours: green and blue. Green and blue are the colours of nature which matches the theme of Natio which is natural products. These colours are not only colours of nature, but they are also versatile colours which makes it suitable for anyone and everyone of all age groups and gender.

How can this marketing product help to increase sales for Natio?

Natio has embroidered their brand name on the outdoor blanket. This helps to increase brand awareness and brand recall for the company. Whenever one uses the outdoor blanket, the first thing they would see is the brand name and this would refresh their memory that the blanket is from Natio.

When someone brings this outdoor blanket along for picnics or other activities, others would come across the brand name and this helps to expose Natio to more people. As more people get to know about the brand name, they would start to purchase the products and this would help to increase sales for Natio.