Custom printed towels are definitely one of the most inexpensive promotional products out there. And you can have so many options when it comes to printing methods. Reactive printing is just one of the many popular printing techniques used because it gives a vibrant, high-quality design to fiber towels. But what is reactive printing? And how does it differ from other design techniques?

reactive printed towels

Custom Printed Towels

What is Reactive Printing?

Reactive printing is the most advanced method of fabric printing. This method permanently locks in the colors of the design into the textile without affecting the quality of the cotton. After the application of reactive print paste to fabric, the color creates a bond with the cellulosic fiber and helps to resist washing and friction, and also creates the fastness properties. It is called “reactive” printing because the ink reacts with the substrate when heated or steamed.

Materials for Reactive Printing

Reactive dyes for cellulosic materials were created in 1954, and ICI in England launched the first variety of reactive dyes popularly known as Procion dye in 1956. But through the years, the chemicals being used have changed to these:

  1. Sodium Hexa meta-phosphate
  2. Sodium alginate
  3. Urea
  4. Sodium bicarbonate
  5. Resist salted
  6. Caltex police
  7. Kollasol CDA
  8. Kerpshin emulsion
  9. Water

Custom Printed Towels: The Reactive Printing Process

Here’s a quick rundown on the steps to be followed for reactive printing:

  1. Pre-treatment. First, wash the fabric and then dry it. Prepare the reactive dyes and they will be mixed with steam to print into the threads of fabrics. These reactive dyes are printed over the pre-treated textile by using an inkjet.
  2. Printing (Print Paste). Prepare the stock thickener and print paste. Sodium alginate thickener is used in stock thickener. So, it will result in good color, vibrant levelness, and edge sharpness.
  3. Steaming. To set the reactive dyes into the fabric, it has to be heated through steaming. Then, these elements such as the dye, pre-treatment, and the steaming procedure induce a chemical reaction that sets a covalent bond, saturating colors into the fibers.
  4. Extraction. Finally, the fabric will be washed to extract the excess dye and pre-treatment to achieve a bright and permanent print.

Achieve bright, good colors using reactive dyes. You can transform beach towels into powerful canvasses to promote your brand at the beach, gym, and even at work. Therefore, custom printed towels are more than just a cloth to wipe out sweat, but it is also a simple yet effective way to get your message across.

Reactive Printed Towels

Why Custom Printed Towels?

  1. Hypoallergenic Towels

    The quality of the towel you’re choosing is an essential thing to consider. This custom design beach towel is made of Turkish cotton, which is super soft, durable, and highly absorbent. Its hypoallergenic feature gently touches and perfectly protects sensitive skin. In other words, this is a great summer promotional product or a gym membership gift for health buffs.

  2. Builds a Strong Consumer-Brand Relationship

    If you want your customer to feel the extra care, then a customized towel is an inexpensive way to show it. As a promotional gift, they go well with personal care and beauty products. Even beer brands and the healthcare industry can benefit from advertising their brands on custom printed towels.

  3. Budget-Friendly

    Great quality but very affordable! You can still provide your customers an inexpensive yet high-quality and practical gift that they can use every day.

    Reactive Printed Towels

    Reactive Printed Towels

  4. Infinite Promotional Marketing Uses

    We can say that a promotional tool is great when it has many uses. The best thing about these reactive printed towels is that you can use this marketing tool as a promotional gift, freebies, or gift with purchase. They can be used to market drinks, gym memberships, Spas, hotels, hospitals, schools, sports teams, and many more!

  5. Makes Marketing Even More Extra-Special

    Customers would certainly like a different atmosphere, make your marketing more fun and more colorful through these reactive printed towels. It is available in different combining colors, design, and style which perfectly add a cheerful mood to your customers.

Available in Reactive Printing

Reactive printing is the most suitable method for fabrics. It turns the printed materials vibrant with permanent colors. The color stays longer in this method rather than simple silkscreen or transparent printing. Meaning to say, people will be able to enjoy your brand promo for a long time. Reactive printing is best for t-shirts, leggings, towels, branded bar towels – we have an interesting blog about it wherein we discussed different printing methods.

Reactive Printed Towels

We have previously posted about the problems encountered when printing bar towels. In this blog, we enumerated the common printing mistakes and ways to counter them.

To Sum it Up

Branded towels offer lots of branding opportunities for different brands and different industries. One thing to remember though, the effectiveness and longevity of your promotional towels also depend on the quality of the prints. You want them to look more like a gift so customers will be delighted with them. As such, you should pay attention to what kind of printing and the decorative method you should be using for your custom printed towels.

So, would you be interested in customizing beach and gym towels for your promotions? Then contact us with product code: 3601. Message us today and get a quote.

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