Summer spells outdoor activities and long out-of-town trips with family. As such, this is also a good time to get your target market to notice your brand. There are so many things you can offer your customers during this time. However, the key is to offer them summer promotional products that will make their life easier. One good example is this summer promo by The Bear’s School and DCH Foods.

Summer Promotional Products

Summer Promotional Products

The Bear’s School is a popular Japanese picture book series with Jackie as the main protagonist. They recently collaborated with DCH Foods for a fun summer promotion. Their in-store promotion was a hit especially to kids.

Not only are they eye-catching, but they are also affordable. They can buy the first set of products as a bundle for $299 but they can also buy them separately. For instance, to redeem a foldable tent, they need to add $169. They will get a mini fan when they add $89; additional $59 for a tote bag, $89 to get a foldable chair. Add $109 to redeem Jackie and David custom design cups. Pay additional $99 to redeem plates, mug, and spoon and fork set.

Summer Promotional Products

Summer Promotional Products

These products are surefire way to boost sales because there are many ways to market them. One way to maximize their marketing potential is by using them as purchase with purchase items. In this strategy, companies offer customers another product at a lower price when they purchase a certain product on offer. It is a great way to drive impulse purchases and repeat sales.


Here’s What We Love About Their Summer Promotional Products:

Summer Promotional Products

Summer Promotional Products

Foldable Tent: The foldable tent comes with a cover and can be easily set-up. This is great for picnics with kids as this protects them from sun and rain. Furthermore, the designs are kid-friendly. Because the tent is branded with The Bear’s School, it improves their visibility outdoors.

Mini Fan: We certainly love this branded mini fan because it looks cute and really functional. It has a Jackie bear topper, which caught our attention. The branded mini fan will surely help them cool off during this hot season. It is portable so they can be kept inside their bags. Furthermore, with their cute design, they will surely catch the eye of their target customers.

Foldable Chair: This chair folds up for easy storage. It also serves as storage so customers can keep their picnic essentials inside the box. This limited-edition foldable chair is perfect for outdoor promotions because it is branded and really high utility. They are ideal for picnics and outdoor gatherings.

Tote Bag: This custom tote bag looks really cute and fun to use. It has a front pocket and a custom key chain in the shape of Jackie bear. Tote bags are fantastic marketing gifts because not only are they customizable and practical, but they also serve as a walking advertisement for your brand.

Summer Promotional Products

Summer Promotional Products

Branded Drinking Cup and Mug:  Practical and customizable, drinking cups and mugs will certainly find utility in the hands of their target market. With daily use, the brand will surely gain great exposure. Furthermore, these cups are beautifully-designed so they make a great decorative item in your cupboard.

Cutlery Set and Plates– Kids will surely love this combo because the plate is custom-designed. As kids are picky eaters, it is important to encourage them to not skip their breakfast. One way to do so is to use plates, mugs, and cups that are fun to look at.


Our Takeaways…

Aside from having attractive and fun designs, these summer promotional products by The Bear’s School are high-utility. They can sustain the interest of customers long enough until their marketing goal is achieved. The more they are used, the more customers become exposed to the brand, thereby raising brand awareness and reinforcing brand recognition on a daily basis.

So, if you are looking for cool summer promotional products, contact The ODM Group today! We have product designers and merchandisers who can assist you with designing and sourcing exceptional summer promotional gifts and other custom branded merchandise.

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