Imbibe Live 2019 saw a lot of interesting products from different popular brands who went all out with their trade show marketing strategies. Trade shows are the perfect venue to showcase your products for the world to see. But despite so many brands competing for attention, Jagermeister and Jack Daniel’s still managed to wow us with some excellent branded liquor merchandise.

Liquor Merchandise

Liquor Merchandise

Simple and practical, these trade show gifts are a brilliant method to raise brand awareness among target consumers at a low cost. Both liquor brands were successful in utilizing their trade show promotional merchandise to increase booth traffic.

Jack Daniel’s offered a black branded tee while Jagermeister gave away a pattern-printed bandanna.

Here’s how their branded liquor merchandise helped their brand positioning amidst a sea of competitive brands.


What We Love About Jack Daniel’s, Jagermeister Liquor Merchandise

Cool Designs – We love the simplicity of Jack Daniel’s promotional T-shirt. The silk-screen printed white logo pops out against the black shirt. The contrasting colors create a neat and bold design that stands out. Similarly, Jagermeister opted to use their logo as their main design. Doing so allowed both brands to stay on top of clients’ mind.

Liquor Merchandise

Liquor Merchandise

Wearable – Wearable items like caps and T-shirts are likely to be kept and used by customers. This means immense daily exposure for the brand.

Interesting – We love how the stag logo of Jagermeister still pops out even when the handkerchief was crumpled.

Liquor Merchandise

Liquor Merchandise

Increase Booth Traffic – Offering trade show giveaways is an excellent marketing method that managers use to attract visitors to their booths. Gifts are surefire way to improve brand image, especially if they are beautiful and practical.

Cost-EfficientPromotional T-shirts and handkerchiefs offer every day brand exposure at a low cost. Unlike TV ads, where marketing managers pay for airtime, customized shirts and custom handkerchief will advertise your brand 24/7 at no additional cost.


Other Exciting Drinks Promotion Ideas at Imbibe Live 2019

Aside from these the printed shirts and handkerchiefs, we also have spotted numerous unique liquor merchandise and point of sale display ideas at the trade fair.

Liquor Merchandise

Liquor Merchandise

Some of them are:

  • Interactive Marketing Display which automatically matches mixers with drinks.


Previous Imbibe Live Liquor Merchandise:

Imbibe Live is a prestigious gathering of alcoholic beverage brands with the goal of creating a more dynamic and engaging environment for key players in the drinks industry. Last time, we found a variety of brilliant drinks promotional products from the fair. among them are branded t-shirts, coasters, branded tote bags, and drink mats. Check them out here:


We have visited Imbibe Live in 2016 and we were able to meet important people from the beverage industry.


Bulleit Frontier Whiskey’s trade show marketing strategy was a hit because they included fun games and not to mention awesome giveaways such as mini flask and t-shirts.


Our Team Can Help!

Are you looking to create unique liquor merchandise for trade shows and retail business? Fortunately, we have a team of product designers and merchandisers who are always ready to whip up cool promotional product designs for your business. Our team has years of experience in the drinks industry so you can rely on us for high quality promotional products, packaging designs, and POS displays!

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Liquor Merchandise by Jack Daniel’s and Jagermeister

Here’s an exclusive on pack reward from Jack Daniel’s: a high-quality high-ball flask to go with their drinks!


Purchase 3 x 1L bottle to get this promotional messenger bag. We love the simple design and its functionality.


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Shot glasses are a great marketing gifts for the drinks industry not only because they go well together with alcoholic beverages but because they can be custom made to suit your branding preferences. Jagermeister was


This cool in-shop display by Jagermeister is a fantastic example of an effective in-store marketing. Aside from the POS display, they are also offering a branded tote bag and glasses. They also have a sampling machine to allow customers to have a taste of their drinks.


Jagermeister is offering this “Travelers’ Exclusive” with shot glasses as on-pack gifts. This is a great on-pack promotion idea because the limited edition will push customers to make the purchase.