Although this display is a rubbish bin, it is in no way a rubbish promotion. Caffe Alpro did a great job promoting their brand with intriguing and eye-catching POS display ideas in London. Our attention was directed towards their large waste bin in the shape of a coffee cup. Then as we look around, we found a lot of interesting point of sale display ideas. There were feather banners, a branded mini bar, a branded cart, and an easel display.

Point of Sale Display Ideas

Point of Sale Display Ideas


Clever Point of Sale Display Ideas by Alpro Caffe

  • Coffee Cup Shaped Trash Bin
Point of Sale Display Ideas

Point of Sale Display Ideas – Branded Trash Bin

From afar, this massive coffee cup looks just like an ordinary POS display but upon closer inspection, it’s a waste bin. This was a pleasant surprise for the visitors. With clearer and bigger branding, we can say that it made a huge impact on customers. It was a total standout. By making their trash bin resemble their coffee cup, the merchandisers are able to create top of mind awareness. Moreover, the wheels on the platform allows for easy transportation. Thus, it can be placed in high traffic areas.

  • Branded Mini Bar 

Point of Sale Display Ideas

Point of Sale Display Ideas – Branded Mini Bar

We absolutely love the idea of setting up a branded bar for outdoor campaigns. This would be perfect for serving alcoholic drinks, coffee, and cold beverage for outdoor events. In our example, Alpro offered free coffee served in tiny branded paper cups so visitors gain first hand experience about their products. Doing so allows them to help customers compare their coffee from the ones they have tasted before, thus shaping their buying preference.

Point of Sale Display Ideas

Point of Sale Display Ideas

The customised branded cart beside the bar also serves as a good point of sale display. It’s filled with graffiti just like their coffee cup. Moreover, the addition of mobile cafe is a great way to bring the brand to the streets.


  • Feather Flag

Point of Sale Display Ideas

Point of Sale Display Ideas – Feather Flag

Welcoming the visitors is a feather flag positioned along the entrance. Placing the branded banner near the entrance primes the customers to go and grab a cup or two of their coffee.

What we really love about using such outdoor advertising sign is its durability and cost efficiency. They are as effective as other advertising media but unlike TV ads, you don’t have to pay every time your ads are aired. With a banner, people can see your brand any time, thereby creating stronger brand awareness. Therefore, you can gain unlimited advertising benefits at no additional costs.


  • Advertising Easel Display

Point of Sale Display Ideas

Point of Sale Display Ideas

One of the best and cost-effective outdoor branding ideas, easel displays are a fantastic addition to Alpro’s outdoor advertising campaign. As you can see, on the panel is written: “Less Than 100 Calories.” It’s informative so customers will be encouraged to try their products.

Like feather banners, easel displays are affordable and durable. They make great POS displays because the panels can be changed to suit your promotions. As they are durable, they can be reused for various in-store and outdoor advertising. Easels can be made out of wood, metal or plastic and can be used for boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants. Here’s a great example:


Our Takeaways…

Alpro Caffe did an excellent job promoting their brand with outdoor point of sale display ideas. They are durable yet cost-effective so they were able to raise brand awareness whilst keeping their marketing budget at a minimum.

In addition to their mini bar, Alpro Caffe also laid out chairs and tables to complete that outdoor coffee shop feel. It was a great idea but, it would have made stronger impact if they used branded chairs or bench instead of plain ones. If you’re planning an outdoor promotions like what Alpro Caffe did, do consider using branded deckchairs and branded tents to keep visitors from rain and harsh heat from the sun.

So, if you are in need of fresh point of sale display ideas, contact The ODM Group today! With years of experience in designing, sourcing, and merchandising, you can expect high-quality promotional products for your business. If you have design ideas in mind, email us right away so we can get started with your next campaign! Our Mindsparkz team will help you design the best promotional products for your company.


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