This on-pack promotion by Eskinol is truly interesting! The brand is giving away a free on-pack custom handkerchief with purchase of their skin cleanser. This promotion was spotted at a grocery store in the Philippines.

Eskinol is a skin cleanser produced by Unilever Philippines. Many young women are using this beauty product to keep their skin dirt and oil-free. What made it a popular choice of skin cleanser is its mild formulation. So to show their appreciation towards their customers, they are offering a cute customer gift on pack.

Custom Handkerchief

Custom Handkerchief

The hankies come in three different designs: ice cream, flamingo, and unicorn. The colors and designs suit their target audience really well. They opted for soft pink and baby blue hues, which teenagers will love.

What caught our attention is the dainty design of the handkerchief and the packaging. It stood out from the shelf because the packaging reflects the giveaway product and the colors used here really pop.

Custom Handkerchief

Custom Handkerchief

How Eskinol Benefited from Custom Handkerchief

  • Reinforces Brand Message

Over the years, the product has been synonymous with smooth, clear skin. It is formulated to removes dirt and excess oil from the face. Thus, offering a free branded handkerchief to their clients reinforces their message of keeping their skin dirt and oil-free. Sweat, dirt, and oil can cause acne and other skin problems. Therefore, it is important to have a small face towel or handkerchief to blot out the oil and sweat from your face.

  • Useful

Not only is this useful for wiping excess oil and sweat, a handkerchief can also come in handy during unexpected situations. Customers can use it to wipe away dirt from their clothes or use it to accentuate their outfit.

Custom Handkerchief

Custom Handkerchief

  • Excellent Designs

The first thing that customers notice about a product is its design. Eye-catching designs, attract more customers. In fact most purchases are based on the visual appeal of a product. Eskinol did a great job in creating cute designs that will attract the right audience. Flamingos, unicorns, and ice creams are designs that young ladies and students will find cute. We can see from the photo that the packaging says “Free Panyo” or free handkerchief. The clear plastic packaging allows customers to see the designs they are going to get.

  • Boosts Sales

One of the best ways to improve your overall sales is by running on-pack promotions. But how does on-pack offers stimulate sales? The gifts serve as incentives so that shoppers will continue to support their brand. With a freebie customers will want to look forward to your next brand campaign.

Furthermore, on pack gift with purchase can attract more sales because they offer customers more value for their money. The additional marketing gift rewards shoppers for their purchase. As a result, customers will certainly choose the brands that offer free gifts than those that do not.

  • Brand Engagement

Useful products, such as handkerchiefs, are effective in promoting brand engagement. The more customers use your custom promotional giveaway, the more they become exposed to your brand name or logo. Because hankies and bandannas are durable, they ensure that your brand message stays with your customers.


In Conclusion…

Simple and easily customizable, Eskinol’s custom handkerchief is a great marketing offer for the beauty industry. It reinforced their brand message while also highlighting the importance of proper caring for the skin. Furthermore shoppers are always looking for ways to save more and with this custom handkerchief as on pack gift, they got two products for the price of one!

If you are looking for a simple yet effective solution to your beauty marketing, then now is the right time to think about your strategy. You don’t want competitors to wipe you off the shelf, right?

So would a custom handkerchief help you grow your beauty marketing? If so, contact The ODM Group today. Our team of product designers and merchandisers will help you design and source the best promotional products for your business. We can also give you help with designing high-quality product packaging. So get in touch with us!


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