Custom In-Pack Promo is a widely used marketing strategy to boost sales and increase brand awareness. Something about free things gets people excited, and they are more willing to go through the extra effort to purchase from you. Many brands have successfully maximised profits when providing a low-cost on-pack promo and we are confident you can too! In this blog, we are going to discuss the new Garnier Custom In-Pack Promo that caught our attention.

Garnier custom in-pack promo

Garnier custom in-pack promo

Why do we love this Custom In-Pack Promo?

  • Complimentary item: In-pack promotions are effective when the free promotional item complements the product. For example, a free branded bowl with the purchase of a tub of ice-cream. In this case, Garnier is giving away a hairbrush along with the star of their show – damage preventative shampoo. All girls would know that long hair is hard to maintain, therefore they are constantly looking for new products to tame their hair. The free hairbrush reinforces their message of keeping long hair detangled. This in-pack promo will then successfully attract their target audience and boost brand visibility.
  • Colour Coordination: Furthermore, what increases the visibility of this promotion is the colour coordination of the shampoo and the hairbrush. The bright orange used ties the promotional item with the shampoo that has peach extracts and perfectly represents this line of products.
Garnier custom in-pack promo

Garnier custom in-pack promo

How can we improve?

Although the Custom In-Pack Promo is fantastic and is successful in gaining the attention of potential buyers, there are still many factors that Garnier can improve on to widen their customer base and maximise the effectivity of this promotional campaign.

  • Packaging Design: Your packaging reflects the quality of your brand. With high-quality packaging, customers will perceive that your product is of high quality and highly valued. Garnier could invest more time in designing their in-pack promotional packaging to entice first time purchases and drive impulse purchases. It would be challenging to attract new customers if the packaging does not appeal to them. Such packaging is only effective when targeting loyal customers since they already know that they love your products.
  • Display: As we can see from the pictures provided above, the in-pack promotion is simply placed in a cardboard box. This can lead to many customers missing this promotion when walking pass. Garnier should invest in a branded counter display that will be more efficient in attracting the attention of customers. Furthermore, a well-managed POS display will be able to be a great representative of your brand and let consumers know more about your company. Displays are highly customisable, and brands should take this opportunity to express your unique and fun personality! Here are some excellent POS Displays ideas that we love:


How can ODM help you?

Keen on creating your very own unique custom in-pack promotion? Enquire at ODM to learn more ways about how you can vastly improve your business through the use of custom branded merchandise and POS displays. Our product designers will be able to provide you with multiple unique and interesting ideas for you to wow your audience and increase brand recognition. The specialists here are capable of assisting you from designing to sourcing, and manufacturing. Contact ODM now!


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