With so many people using smartphones nowadays, it is not surprising if the demand for custom bluetooth speakers increase. During this year’s Canton Fair, we found a vast array of high-quality merchandise, and this bluetooth speakers is one of those products that stood out.

Smart Marketing Solution Waterproof Custom Bluetooth Speakers

Smart Marketing Solution Waterproof Custom Bluetooth Speakers

If you are looking for fresh promotional ideas for your next campaign, why not invest in this innovative product? Aside from its practical value, it also presents huge marketing potential. Because it is waterproof, this is perfect for outdoor and indoor settings.

Below, we discuss what makes this product stand out and how it can help drive brand performance:


  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Can support underwater submerge
  • Led Light Show
  • Silicone casing
  • High Lithium ion battery life

Here’s What We Love About These Custom Bluetooth Speakers:

  • Wireless and Safe to Use: Waterproof wireless speakers are perfect for pool and beach parties as well as outdoor gatherings. It can be splashed with water or be left in the rain, and it will still work fine. Because it is wireless and compact, customers can use them for their travels as well. Check out this video below:

  • Reliable Handsfree Audio: Allows smartphone users to answer calls hassle-free.
  • Bluetooth Enabled: Bluetooth technology allows customers to play music on demand straight from their device. The reliability and unique design can also serve as a good conversation starter.
Smart Marketing Solution Waterproof Custom Bluetooth Speakers

Smart Marketing Solution Waterproof Custom Bluetooth Speakers

  • Silicone Protection: Silicone cover adds a protective layer to the speaker without sacrificing design and style. The material is soft to the touch and provides good grip. The silicone body can be branded with logo or brand name. Silicone protection ensures longevity of your promotional product.
Smart Marketing Solution Waterproof Custom Bluetooth Speakers

Smart Marketing Solution Waterproof Custom Bluetooth Speakers

Not only are these products high quality, but they also work great for different promotions. For instance, you can use it as gift with purchase for the tech industry or a special offer for mobile phones and tech gadgets. Because it is a high-end item, it also makes a fantastic contest prize and corporate giveaways.

Why Use Custom Bluetooth Speakers for Marketing

  • Allows Creativity: What we love about this product is that it allows marketers to be creative in their marketing approach. You can add special features to make it more attractive to customers. For instance, making it wifi ready so that customers can stream music from apps like Spotify. Designs can also be made to suit special promos for summer and Christmas campaigns. You may also add special features like changing lights:
  • Custom Shapes: Aside from circular and cylindrical shapes, marketers can make custom shapes to make them look more interesting and exciting. Take a look at these multifunctional light up BT speakers. Designs are one-of-a-kind as the manufacturers drew inspiration from the environment.

The ability to play music straight from any device is what makes this product appealing to many customers. But what made this ideal for promotions is its design flexibility, versatility, and durability.

So, if you like this product, send us an inquiry referencing product code 2154 to get a quote. 

You can rely on our team to deliver high quality electronic products that suit your marketing budget. Our company conducts factory visits to ensure that the products meet international safety standards and are safe to use.

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