In every supermarket or liquor store, there are countless alcohol brands brimming the shelves. In such a competitive environment, even established liquor brands have no choice but to come up with unique and effective ways to stand out from the crowd. There are numerous ways to achieve this goal, such as by using custom packaging design, offering a free gift promotion, offering a gift with purchase, or purchase with purchase promotion. However, there is another excellent way to stand out from the crowd without spending excessive money on marketing; custom displays! Check out these liquor display ideas and read on to find out why they are so effective!

Tall Horse Wine:

Liquor Display Ideas

Liquor Display Ideas

Check out this barrel display by Tall Horse Wine. The drinks are displayed on top of a barrel. This is an excellent way to display alcoholic drinks. A barrel is not only related to alcohol, as many drinks are aged in a barrel, but its large size also makes it stand out conspicuously to attract maximum attention from customers and passers-by. Furthermore, the wooden barrel adds an aura of authenticity and personality to the brand, which will make customers want to pick it over the other brands.


Liquor Display Ideas

Liquor Display Ideas

This custom gift set from Glenfiddich Whisky is an excellent example of an effective liquor display idea. The display showcases the open alcohol gift set, revealing two whisky glasses and the whisky bottle. The left side of the gift set contains text showing off an award for the whisky’s high quality. When customers view this display, they will definitely be impressed and perceive a high value of the brand.

Royal Salute:

Liquor Display Ideas

Liquor Display Ideas

Check out this high-end gift box from Chivas Regal’s Royal Salute series. The whisky bottle itself is elegantly designed, with embossed designs. The bottle is displayed is a casket-shaped display box. This adds an aura of high-quality and class to the brand. Customers will definitely associate the display with a high standard.

Sake Nishi:

Liquor Display Ideas

Liquor Display Ideas

Another custom gift set, from Sake Nishi! This gift set features two bottles of sake along with two sake cups as free gifts. While this gift set is simple, it is extremely effective as it achieves the goal of making the brand stand out while increasing the perceived value of the brand simultaneously.

Why These Liquor Display Ideas Are Effective:

Attracts Attention: The main goal of any promotional display is to attract the attention of customers and passers-by. These liquor display ideas showcase excellent examples of brands that achieve this exact goal. A custom alcoholic drinks display will make your brand stand out, as it adds differentiation to your brand. This is definitely useful, especially in a saturated industry with many strong competitors.

Increases Brand Value: Custom liquor displays also increase your brand value, especially relative to other brands who do not use such displays to promote their brand. When customers walk into a supermarket or liquor store, where their eyes first dart to makes a significant difference to whether the customer purchases the product. Thus, utilizing a custom drinks display to attract the customers’ attention from the moment they walk into the store is an excellent marketing move that will increase your brand’s value.

Highly Customizable: These liquor display ideas are also highly customizable. Your brand can use any design on the box, choose to add free gifts, and use any branding, colours, shapes or patterns to stand out from the crowd.

Value Adding: These unique liquor display ideas also add value to the product, especially if the custom display utilizes a gift set with free gifts included. This will make people want to purchase from your brand, as they are getting more for what they purchased. Hence, not only will the perceived value of your brand increase, so will your sales.

How we can help you:

Impressed by a particular liquor display idea? Want a similar want for your brand? Well, we can help you with that! ODM designs, sources and manufactures custom promotional products. Our team of talented product designers can design the perfect custom liquor display for your brand. Feel free to contact us today, to find out more about how we can help your brand with your marketing needs!

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