70% of retail purchase decisions are not made until a customer enters a store. A custom retail display plays a major role in increasing impulse purchases, drawing the attention of shoppers to specific products within a crowded mall or marketplace.

Custom Retail Display
Custom Retail Display

Why we’re into this display:

Unique: In the mall this custom retail display was spotted in, all surrounding stores used neutral, pale colors in their displays. While I agree that sometimes less is more, this custom retail pos display stands out from the crowd and instantly grabs attention. Moreover, the shoe store this display was in was otherwise quite simple. There should not be too many things competing for the attention of shoppers in one store.

Well-designed: This display features a unique combination of colors: complementary teal and orange shades with subtle brown accents. Circles and checkers are featured in the geometric design. These elements look great when combined. The illustration of the deer is an interesting addition. The is the focal point of the display.

Aspirational: Featuring keywords like “vogue, beauty” and “party” work really well in a retail environment. These words have an aspirational quality about them. This encourages shoppers to associate your product with these positive terms.

Visually interesting: The cardboard stands are of differing heights. Two are slanted and one is far wider than the rest. This maintains the attention of shoppers and draws their eyes to the shoes.

Custom Retail Display
Custom Retail Display

What could be improved:

Base layer: This store placed the display on a bright blue piece of fabric. This looks like an afterthought which does not tie into the design of the custom retail display at all. While I understand that this protects the floor from damage, the base would look better in a neutral shade. This store could instead use the brown colour of the circles or just a plain white shade. This will make the display itself ‘pop’ instead of detracting attention from it.

More relevant text: This store should consider using phrases which relate closely to the products themselves. None of the terms currently featured mention shoes or emphasize the benefits of these items.

Simplify: Most custom retail displays include just one or two products. This store should refine the scope of their display. The retail display standee currently features sports, mens and high heeled shoes.

Rethink poster design: I would suggest that this store advertises a specific promotion in place of the illustration of the deer. While this illustration looks fantastic, it doesn’t give customers a reason to enter the store. Signage is an important part of an in-store display. For instance, displays with signage outperform those without by 20%.

Think of a custom in-store display as a silent salesperson, guiding customers with their purchases and improving conversion. This is a cost-effective marketing technique as well. Cardboard displays are cheap to produce and many stores reuse these for future promotions.

ODM are experts in design and manufacturing and are here to help every step of the way.

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