Shelf Banners are a great addition to your in-store marketing. Simple and informative, these POP displays are meant to help shoppers locate the products they want to purchase. In short, they are tools to improve visibility within shop floors.

The following shelf banners are found inside a supermarket in the Philippines. For the first picture, one can tell that the products on offer are Christmas promotional gift sets. There are various products included in the pack : chocolates, chips, breakfast items, and canned goods. All the goods were put together in a basket and are held by a plastic wrap.

Outsell Your Competitors - Be Seen with Shelf Banners

Outsell Your Competitors – Be Seen with Shelf Banners


The second shelf banners say “Asian flavors.” This section of the store is dedicated to local and foreign brand cup noodles. The choice of colors as well as the graphics blend well with the predominant packaging color. According to studies, warm colors, such as red, yellow, and orange can stimulate hunger and rev up one’s appetite.

Outsell Your Competitors - Be Seen with Shelf Banners

Outsell Your Competitors – Be Seen with Shelf Banners


Third in the list is Gatorade’s shelf banners. Thanks to these promotional shelf talkers, we were able to locate these energy drinks easily. We can see they feature their tag line “Nothing Hydrates Better” in bold letters so they really stood out from rows of various energy drinks.

Outsell Your Competitors - Be Seen with Shelf Banners

Outsell Your Competitors – Be Seen with Shelf Banners


Shelf banners are a simple yet effective way to reinforce shelf advertising without having to hard sell as the banners itself contain the information needed to help customers make wise buying decisions. So what makes a good shelf banner?


What Makes a Great Shelf Banner?

  • Clear Message: Shelf banners are great tools for merchandisers and marketing managers to convey their marketing message. With clear text and formatting, choice of colors, and imageries, customers can easily understand what you are trying to say. And our examples have clearly achieved this.
  • Gives Direction: Sometimes, it can be hard to find the products you want to buy. But with a shelf banner, one can easily locate the products without having to check the products one by one. This saves shoppers time and energy checking each shelf.
  • Durability: One thing that makes shelf banners really a cost-effective and reliable in-store marketing tool is their durability. Cardboard is marketing managers’ favorite choice of material as they are flexible and versatile. Printing designs is also easy as the material absorbs ink faster than plastic. Moreover, they are long-lasting and are easy to assemble.
  • Highlights Each Brand: As in the case of Gatorade, a shelf banner dedicated to one brand can make more impact and increase sales. This is because shoppers need not guess what products are in the shelf. Compared to “Asian Flavors” banners, the Gatorade banner is more effective in convincing customers to CHOOSE their brand over others because it presents a specific brand they NEED to BUY even if they didn’t want that product initially. “Asian Flavors” is a bit too broad. So when customers visit that aisle, so many brands compete for attention, making it hard to really stand out and influence customers’ buying behavior.


Our Takeaway…

High-quality and well-designed shelf banners are a great way to keep your shops organized, make brands stand out, and influence purchasing behavior. Here, we rounded up some of our favorite custom shelf talkers and shelf banners to give you more design ideas ad improve your next project:


The POS display allows customers to locate their dish washing liquid soap easily. Furthermore, there are lights in some parts of the board. The brand name and the drawing of the bottle lights up.


This LED POP display by close-up is more high-end and really well-though out. The color and the way the LED light highlighted the new toothpaste variant really helped in introducing their new product to the market.


This one by Vinnamilk is LED lighted as well. The brand name lights up. Plus, the colorful display appeals to their target demographic.


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