Have you ever wonder how a bottle of wine can really make your home cozy? It just makes every countertop alluring and warm. In vast options of marketing materials for drinks, your choices are pouring. However, let us focus on displays that can be a focal point of your brand. Looking for a custom wine display that will magically elevate your brand marketing from competitors? Worry no more; the ODM group got your back!

Magic Chain Wine Bottle Stand

Custom Wine Display

Custom Wine Display



  • Design: Peleg Design
  • Material: Metal chain with chrome finish
  • Color: Rustic
  • Size : 7.5″ x 6.1″ x 5.3″
  • Weight: 350g
Custom Wine Display

Custom Wine Display


What Makes It a Perfect Custom Display?

  • Simplicity – The design of this custom wine display is not that complex. The rustic chain style is perfect for a minimalistic theme. Consequently, it can turn a simple countertop into a classy one.
  • Magical Illusion –  This chain stand creates an illusion that the wine bottle is holding floats in mid-air. It creates a defying gravity look that will certainly make it fun and engaging. Hence, people will find this alluring wherever you may place it. It is suitable for all wine bottles and is definitely firm.
  • Versatility – Aside from offering this as a custom wine display in your market, it can serve in other superficial ways too. This chain stand can also be an ideal anniversary promo merchandise or gift ideas, promotional wine gifts, custom gifts with purchase, and even retail POS display.
Custom Wine Display

Custom Wine Display


How Can Your Brand Benefit in Choosing This As a Marketing Material?

  1. Increases Brand Awareness – As this Magic Chain Wine Bottle Stand is simple yet alluring, it can certainly call your customers’ attention easily. You can make this a promotional gift or a POS display, and it will serve you a purpose. Moreover, you can add your brand’s logo or message to this chain stand according to your marketing needs.
  2. Calls Creativity – The optical illusion incorporated into this product is indeed innovative and creative. It can inspire your team to plan or brainstorm another creative marketing material that will totally spice up your next marketing strategy.
  3. Strengthens Brand Promotion – Customers would love to have promotional items that are aesthetic and functional. The beauty alone of a product can bore people as time pass by. They would be more interested in items that can offer elegance and utility. As they get one from your brand, it will leave an imprint to trust your business and that you are up for beneficial service.
  4. Adaptable – This promotional item is not just that simple piece on your countertop alone. It could be functional and can adapt to any event or purpose you might need it to be. It can also be an ideal display, especially for trade shows and promotional events. Furthermore, you can also offer this as a promotional gardening display, and the options are undoubtedly extensive!


Ready to elevate your brand’s promotion? Plan your own unique promotional display just like this Magic Chain Wine Bottle Stand now! Contact the ODM group today and quote product code ODM-3493!


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