Check out this customized door handle by Nestle! We love this Custom Promotional Merchandise as it is instantly eye catching and a very effective way to market the product. The door handle is branded with the Nestle water logo on it, to advertise the water product. This is extremely effective for a number of reasons. If a shopper is in a hurry and thirsty, they are more likely to pick up the nestle bottle of water as they have already had exposure to it. In the drinks and food industry, with so much inter-brand competition, this is a great way to stand out!


Customized Door Handle by Nestle - Both Memorable and Marketable

Customized Door Handle by Nestle – Both Memorable and Marketable


Retail sign ideas are fantastic for promoting your product and this is a particularly unique way of retailing your product. Whilst it does not have the space to go into detail, like that of a custom display stand, it is certainly memorable.


Customized Door Handle by Nestle - Both Memorable and Marketable

Customized Door Handle by Nestle – Both Memorable and Marketable


Why we love this Customized Door Handle:

  • Finer Brand Remembrance: This is a great way to get people talking and promote your brand. It is unique and therefore memorable, people will spot it when looking for a fridge, then as they walk over to open the fridge they will have physical contact with it. Both of these will increase the brand remembrance.


  • Adaptable: Perfect not only for a refrigerator door, this can be designed for a shop door, office door, bathroom door or microwave. This product can be used for many different consumer goods too – whether someone was promoting refrigerated food, wine, beer or soft drinks.


  • Brand Exposure in Unique Way: Enhances brand visibility & design appeal. This is a great way to promote a product as it is memorable!


  • Cheap but effective: This is essentially free advertisement  Due to its conspicuous placement, a customized door handle is always hard to miss. Hence, people will always notice your brand leading to free exposure. This is a great idea for those with a smaller  marketing budget. Made with Velcro fastening, and filled with quality cotton, it can easily be placed and removed at any time. They stay in place, and won’t slip down on your hands. A Customized Door Handle will last you for years and is therefore a great investment.


Would a customized door handle help to extend your brand visibility at a low cost for you? Here at ODM we have a lot of experience in delivering high-quality design work to our clients. Why not contact us today to see if we can help you with any upcoming projects.



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