3 Essential Ingredients for a Killer Cooler Door Display

Have you ever considered utilizing a cooler door display? As the name suggests, a cooler door display refers to the little shelf display that attaches to the fridge through the use of suction cups.


cooler door display

cooler door display

There are no hard and fast rules for displaying products at retail shelves. You should start using such custom display shelf for your cooler. This is because of the advantages such products bring including enhanced brand visibility and increased competitive advantage. Take a look at these custom display fridge.

3 Essential Ingredients for a Killer Cooler Door Display

3 Essential Ingredients for a Killer Cooler Door Display

A cooler door display requires these 3 ingredients in order to obtain optimal results.

3 Essential Ingredients for a Killer Cooler Door Display:

  1. Material: You should really play around with different materials such as plastic or acrylic. This is because different materials serve different functions. For example, it is unlikely that you would choose cardboard materials for a cooler door display if you’re going for a premium effect.
  2. Relevant: It is vital that you offer products that complement the contents of the cooler door display. This creates a synergy which would result in maximized profits. For example, you can offer food products like chocolate bars with tangy fruit drinks. You should not offer chocolate bars with vodkas or red wines as the two doesn’t taste well together. 
  3. Creative: In order to stand out with other cooler door display and the contents of the cooler, you should design a unique and creative retail display idea. You can do so by using bright colors to make the display really pops out or darker colors to give the display an “air of mystery”.
3 Essential Ingredients for a Killer Cooler Door Display

3 Essential Ingredients for a Killer Cooler Door Display

In conclusion:

You should not limit yourself to the traditional retail shelves only. You should also make use of cooler doors to display your products to maximize brand exposure. However, you should not forget the 3 essential ingredients mentioned above to design an effective and killer cooler door display.

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