At almost every aisle in our local supermarket in Vietnam there is a confectionery display. Although the brands of confectionery differ, the nature of the products POS display fulfills the same function. Interested in making one but need inspiration? Here are some sweet ideas for Confectionery Displays.

This Snickers Hangsell found at a local convenience store. It features a diagonal design as well as a metal frame coated with white paint.

Confectionery Displays

Confectionery Displays

Diagonal Confectionery Displays

Mars Snickers confectionery displays are innovative as it makes use of the shape of Snickers bars to create diagonal shelves. this breaks the boring horizontal shelves used in supermarkets. As it does not follow the norm, it is eye-catching and attractive. By putting it beside high-demand items, such as instant noodles, it encourages shoppers to make additional purchases while stocking up on instant noodles. The promotion of Skittles and Wrigley’s Doublemint also adds colour and contrast to the POS display. Without Skittles’ red and Wrigley’s green the Snicker’s POS display units would just be a dull shade of brown.


Below is an M&M hangsell found at a Co-Op Supermarket. It features hooks to hang products as well as a metal frame coated in white paint.

Confectionery Displays

Confectionery Displays

Hanging Confectionery Displays

M&M confectionery displays make use of hooks to hang its confectionery product. Most items are laid on neat uniform shelves, the unevenness of the hanging products makes this POS display unique. Placed beside other related sweet-stuff such as jellies and cakes, it works as an indirect upsell to when customers are buying jellies and cakes, as the attractive colours drive them to make impulse buys.

On top of only promoting M&Ms, Skittles is also promoted in this POS. Skittles’s iconic red not only provides contrasts to M&Ms bright yellow but also send a subconscious message to stop customers. Why is this so? Well, the goal of marketing is to relate the product to customers. When red and yellow are placed together, it subconsciously resembles a traffic light. As we’re used to stopping at a red light, we will also subconsciously stop to check out this custom POS display.

This KitKat’s custom hangsell display shows a similar design as a conventional shelf. However, it is red in colour and made out of cardboard.

Confectionery Displays

Confectionery Displays

Shelved Confectionery Displays

Slightly more conventional, KitKat‘s branded confectionery displays showcase the variety KitKat offers. Although subtle, there are still differences in colours. The packaging of KitKat Matcha, KitKat Original, and KitKat Chunky differ in colours, green, red, and white. This POS display attracts attention as it creates an extension to the fixed shelves, and also differs in colour.

Cardboard is also a more eco-friendly alternative to metal, here is how Dove chocolate did it!

The goal of Confectionery Displays is to not only set it apart from its competitors but to attract impulsive buyers. A good POS is one which is able to consistently attract customers.


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