Does your confectionery marketing need a boost but you’re out of ideas? Have you ever wondered how successful chocolate companies do their marketing differently? If so, learn from m&m’s! Thanks to their quirky yet eye-catching product packaging and gift toys, customers flock towards their merchandise display.

Confectionery Marketing

Confectionery Marketing

We love these mini handheld fans and custom chocolate packaging by m&m’s because of their exceptional designs. The novelty and uniqueness of the products are attention-grabbing and compelling. Their marketing strategy opens up great opportunities to increase their sales, and keep customers coming back for more.

Even if you are not selling chocolates and candies, we believe that you can learn a lot from this confectionery marketing strategy by m&m’s.


Why This Confectionery Marketing by m&m’s is a Brilliant Promotional Idea:

1.Design Appeal – Eye-catching designs are what make their merchandise stand out. Quirky designs and vibrant colors are hard to miss. We also love how they utilized their popular m&m’s characters to give life to their promotional products and tin packaging. The faces on the packaging are practically inviting everyone to grab a can of their chocolate candies.

Confectionery Marketing

Confectionery Marketing

2. Beautiful Packaging – Their tin packaging features their popular characters so they are really fun to look at! Customers will be delighted to have this product because the packaging is pleasing to the eyes. What’s more it is durable so the candies will remain in great condition as you travel.


Confectionery Marketing

Confectionery Marketing

3. Toys Drive Customers to Make a Purchase –  The mini handheld fan serves as a gift with purchase that kids and adults will surely love. It is easy to operate. Just press the button for a quick cooling relief. This cute custom retail merchandise is something kids will be proud to show off to their friends. Promotional toys are surefire way to catch customer attention. As children are the primary market of this chocolate brand, toys serve as their main motivation for buying.

4. Reusable Packaging – m&m’s custom tin packaging can be reused long after the chocolates have been consumed. Customers can refill the canister or use them to store small items at home, thereby extending their visibility beyond shop floors.


Previous Case Studies from m&m’s on Confectionery Marketing

Find inspiration from these cool marketing ideas by m&m’s:


  1. Promo Keychain

Who would not rcognize m&m’s quirky smiley characters? This promotion in Hong Kong immediately caught our eye because the chocolate brand, together with value card Octopus, is offering cute promotional keychains as part of their redemption gift campaign. This one is certainly worth collecting!


2. Custom Watch

This wearable marketing gift from m&m’s is something customers would love to have! Aside from being practical and high-utility, these gifts are


3. Beach Ball

This m&m’s summer promo in France is truly inspiring, check out their limited edition products and attention grabbing merchandise display here:


4. Porcelain Mugs

What we like about these porcelain mugs is the novelty of the designs. Not only are they cute, but they sure are easily recognizable.


5. Candy Dispenser

Enjoying your m&m’s has never been this fun! Find out why we love these candy dispensers.



Were you inspired by m&m’s? If you like to achieve the same level of success, now is the right time to plan your confectionery marketing strategy.

Having appropriate confectionery promotional products, packaging, and display can raise brand awareness and improve your overall brand positioning. So if you need help with your next project, do not hesitate to get in touch with The ODM team! Email us to know how we can help you grow your business through effective custom promotional merchandise and designs.

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