While in Macau we saw this promotion at the Venetian. We could see  lots of amazing goods displayed well everywhere in The Grand Canal Shoppes. Among this competitive market, eye catching promotional gifts are essential in branding and sales.  In front of the shop of American Duty Free, this GWP watch by M&M’s  can be seen displayed well on the shelf while walking in.

M&M Chocolate-ODM Strategy

M&M chocolate is currently launching promotions where  you can buy 3 and get 1 free.  Also,  if you buy any 3 Maxi pouches of M&M’s , you are entitled to have one free watch. The GWP watch by M&M works great as a promotion.  Consumers always feel value perceived and have a very good impression on your products as soon as they get the gift of a watch.


Why is this GWP watch by M&M’s good for a promotion?

The GWP  watch by M&M’s is a great marketing strategy. The promo gift has been customized to match the different colors of the M&M’s. The variety of colors catches the attention of many. This promo gift also captures the interests all ages . Especially children generally like the pretty watch thus this colorful watch will definitely appeal to them.

M&M Chocolate-ODM

How can the watch help to increase the sales of M&M’s?

M&M’s have placed its brand name on the packaging box and the watch. This helps to increase brand awareness as those who receive the GWP watch by M&M’s.

With the branded watch, it will also aide in brand recall. Whoever sees the watch will immediately be reminded of M&M’s. It helps to foster brand loyalty which would in turn help to retain customers and generate more sales for the company in the long run.

M&M Chocolate-ODM Promotions

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