Branded WFH Gift #4: Promotional Wireless Power Bank as a Summer Gift

We have featured a variety of power banks before. There were high-end, multi-functional, eco-friendly, and even credit card size power banks. Easy to say, technology continues to develop and improve the previous products created. Most of these power banks are used as employee appreciation gifts, and client’s corporate gift ideas. With power banks, the design possibilities are endless! Case in point, this multifunctional power bank with a built-in fan. The question now is how it differs from other designs and what makes this a cool employee gift?


Promotional Wireless Power Bank

Promotional Wireless Power Bank


Design with 3-in-1 functionality, this power bank would surely stun your employees and make them feel comfortable anytime, and anywhere.


5 Mind-Blowing Features of Wireless Power Bank

A few weeks from now, we may start to feel the heat brought by the summer season.  Why not gear up your employees with this wireless power bank with a built-in fan? We have listed below the features that make this item ideal for them.


1. Wireless Charging

Admit it or not, having a tangled wired charger is definitely annoying. And probably your employees feel the same thing too. So, here’s the answer to your dilemma. By simply placing the mobile phone on the top of this portable power bank, it would effortlessly recharge the device without using any cable. In addition, it can support 5w charging phones or earbuds.

Promotional Wireless Power Bank

Promotional Wireless Power Bank

Making charging more convenient allows your employees to easily connect with you using their mobile devices. This way, they can immediately communicate with the other team members whenever they need to.


2. Heavy-Duty Power Bank Performance

Geared with 5000m AH, this power bank is definitely a fantastic custom phone accessory.  Comes with a cable, this power bank can power up 2 devices simultaneously. The first one is through wireless charging (where the phone only needs to be placed on the top of the power bank) while the second one is through connecting the cable. It also provides 10W USB cable charging.

Promotional Wireless Power Bank

Promotional Wireless Power Bank

Moreover, the power bank is designed with multi-device protection, including overcharge and overcurrent protection, reset and over-discharged protection, voltage surge, temperature protection, power surge, and anti-reverse and short circuit and RFI protection. Through these features, you can ensure that your employees’ devices are always protected.


3. Built-in Fan

This promotional portable power bank has a built-in mini portable fan which is a critical selling point. The device can provide cool wind that will help the users cool them down if they feel uncomfortable with the weather. In addition, it is secured with a lanyard that allows the user to hang the mini fan to their neck for stability purposes. But if they want to just put it on their desktop, the fan could be folded, and the power bank serves as its stand.

Promotional Wireless Power Bank

Promotional Wireless Power Bank with Built-in Fan


In addition, this power bank with a built-in fan is highly adjustable. The air volume could be set into three gear- the soft wind, the refreshing wind, and the strong wind. The fan could also be flipped and folded up to 180 degrees, making a cozy working experience among employees.

Promotional Wireless Power Bank

Promotional Wireless Power Bank


4. Portable

This power bank fan measures half the size of a mobile phone only. Handheld, this item can be easily put into the pocket. Its portability enables users to bring it anytime and anywhere. And now that the summer season is just around the corner, having a mini fan on your employees’ bag is definitely a must to keep them cooled down and comfy while doing their tasks.

Promotional Wireless Power Bank

Promotional Wireless Power Bank


Having this portable power bank makes users immediately recharge their phones whenever an unexpected power interruption occurs. Thus, you as an employer can still contact them if that situation happened.


5. Allows Colorful Travel

Since summer is approaching, your employees would probably enjoy this season to travel and have some fun outside. That is why giving them this promotional wireless power bank will keep them still fabulous while doing outdoor activities. This item comes in 4 shades –  blue, black, pink, and white. Your employees will surely love these available colors. Your employees will surely beat the heat with the use of this mini fan.

Promotional Wireless Power Bank

Promotional Wireless Power Bank


As this promotional wireless power bank has a lot of benefits for employees, what can it do for your brand? Here are some of the few:


Promotional Wireless Power Bank

Promotional Wireless Power Bank

Creates Brand Recall

Since this product is very customizable, you can add your brand logo to it. The body of the product itself is a very great canvas to infixed your brand name. It can also act as your business card for companies.  Thus, carrying this portable power bank in public places is a great way to advertise your brand.

In addition, this power bank is a great desktop promotional item. Designing your logo on the product ensures that your brand will always be on the top of the mind of anyone who will see this gift.


Serves as a ticket for Strong Employer-Employee Relationship

This item is a simple, yet effective way to connect with your employees, especially the new ones. Giving them some welcome or appreciation gift would definitely tighten the bond that you have with them. Furthermore, it allows employees to build their trust and connection with their employers. 

Promotional Wireless Power Bank

Promotional Wireless Power Bank

Boost the Well-being of Employees

An unconducive workplace develops unproductive employees. Thus, ensuring that they have a cozy workstation is a must for every employer. And now that the WFH setup is still implemented, checking how your employees’ condition during this time is very important.

Consequently, sending them this multi-function power bank could somehow alleviate the uneasiness they are experiencing while working. When your employees are having unstable power sources, this power bank is a great tool to make their devices functional. The built-in fan, on the other hand, will make them comfortable if their work has poor ventilation.


Some information on Power Banks

What is the lifetime of a power bank?

Most power banks have a lifetime of 250 to 950 cycles.  Once the power bank was charged 100% and discharged to 100%, it is called one cycle.  Consequently, the lifespan of a power bank depends on its capacity and its processor. The more mah (milliampere-hours) the power bank has, the more power it can provide.

Promotional Wireless Power Bank

Promotional Wireless Power Bank


And for this particular product, since it has 5000amH, you can ensure that it can last for a day or for 1.5 to 2 days. The product’s amazing endurance would definitely love by your employees. Moreover, it allows users to stay cool all day despite the hot weather and even enables them to recharge their phones whenever they have to.


What Product Can this Power Bank Charge?

Some of the power banks featured here were able to power up mobile devices. Hence, the ability of this item makes this product different. Aside from mobile phones, this promotional wireless power bank can recharge flashlights and earphones.


Final Thoughts

The WFH arrangement should not limit affect your employees’ productivities. Thus, ensuring that they have a comfortable workspace to do their jobs should be considered by the employers. Making them feel that their employers care about them could somehow make them feel their importance as a team member.


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