10 Custom Phone Accessories for Branding

Custom Phone Accessories have helped brands promote their branding. In the digital age, having a phone is almost essential. Wouldn’t it be nice to be making as much money as apple?

Truth is, you don’t have to. Even if you have a niche businesses, you can still leverage on other market demads! Custom phone accessories does exactly that. Without participating in the tech industry, you can leverage on their consumers and use phone accessories as a way to promote your own branding. Therefore the market demand for phone accessories is sustainable to allow different companies to innovate.

In branding, it is the duty of the marketing team to learn and adapt to what is popular among consumers. To be more precise, it is the marketing team’s role to understand what their target customers value. Today, we compile 10 different custom phone accessories that you can use for branding.

Promotional Wooden Products To Dazzle The Crowd

This should not come as a surprise to many. Of course we had to include this on our list. Phone covers/casings are a staple custom phone accessory that is widely used across all phone users. Therefore, its also not surprising how saturated this market is, with so many variety of designs. So how do you stand out?

1. Make it Aesthetic

For your custom phone accessory to be successful, it should be visually appealing to your target customers. Otherwise, it should also be relatable to your target customers.

2. Make it safe

A big criteria customers look for in phone casings is the protection it serves for your phone. Is it durable? Will this protect my phone from breaking?
This is important because customers will associate the quality of your product with this characteristic.

2. Branded Earphones

Hottest Promotional Product: Customised Earphones

Another essential custom phone accessory are earphones! Earphones often play a large role in a person’s daily life. Listening to good music is an engaging experience. Therefore, in branding, companies try to leverage with that experience with their target customers in order to build a relationship. Relationships between brands and consumers can be subtle, but in reality very effective with customer acquisition. Brand familiarity, otherwise known as brand exposure helps narrow down the purchasing process for customers. Consumers often have a tendency to pick brands that they are familiar with.

How to make unique earphones?


In order to make these custom phone accessories unique, you have to simpilify the product. If you have an extensive marketing budget, splurge on wireless earphones. Consumers enjoy the convenience of having wireless products. Unlike traditional wired earphones, wireless earphones do not tangle.
Otherwise, we would recommend businesses to use retractable earphones. These earphones prevents itself from tangling, and provides your brand an ample amount of space to display your logo. Moreover, it is a much cheaper alternative compared to wireless earphones.

custom phone accessories
custom phone accessories

Phone stands are great gadget to have in your bag. Unlike a typical laptop, phones usually require a physical support to stand on its own. This is problematic for customers to watch their favorite movies with their phones and puts a strain on their wrist, just to get the right angle.

These custom phone accessory solves this problem by creating a durable back support to keep your phone standing. It gives friction to the phones so that it won’t slide. It gives customers a comfortable experience watching their shows free-hand.

custom phone accessories
custom phone accessories

Ideally, we would like to campaign for all things wireless. A wireless lifestyle is simple and minimal. Customers love it, but cables are not going anywhere so soon. With only several phones with the capability of wireless charging, you put your brand at a disadvantage by ignoring the preferences of a much larger demographic.

To reach out to a larger market, invest in universal cables that offers the user different options to choose from. Commonly used charger USB inputs are USB-C, Lightning and Type C. This helps the product become more useful to a larger market segment which increases your brand exposure.

custom phone accessories

Ever heard the saying ; “Pics, or it never happened.”? Cameras will forever be an integral part of smart phones in today’s digital age. Almost every smart phone has a built-in camera now, and almost everyone has documented something and posted it online.

However, smartphone camera technology is quite limited at this stage. There is just so much you can put into a pocket device like a smartphone, therefore it becomes incomparable against a full frame DSLR. Therefore, the demand for a better quality smartphone camera prompted this idea. A detachable phone camera lens with a variety of lenses.

This custom phone accessory would definitely up your instagram game and will definitely align with your brand image if photography is part of your niche.

custom phone accessories

Sometimes we just prefer carrying light. We find these phone pouches rather successful with branding because of how underrated these are. These pouches are perfect for customers who like going outdoors while carrying light.

Portable promotional products like these are great for branding. They can be easily brought out with the customer, which in return increases your brand exposure.

custom phone accessories

Take your gaming to the next level with these augmented reality game gun for mobile phones. These game gun controllers can be paired with your phones and configured for first person shooter games.

We would love to see some of our favorite FPS games like PUBG and Call of Duty invest in these custom phone accessories to promote their branding.

custom phone accessories
custom phone accessories

These VR Goggles were being sold at such an expensive price points from tech giants – Samsung. Worry not, we can help you reduce the costs significantly with these custom VR Goggles specially made for merchandising.

It gives users an immersive experience, such that they have a wide angle view of their phone screen.

custom phone accessories

Power banks were one of the most successful promotional product for client giveaways because of their portability and high utility.

Everyone needs juice in their phones but not everywhere can you recharge your phones. These power banks solve this problem and also optimizes your brand exposure. They are also able to capture a much larger market since it can charge anything with a USB charging cable.

custom phone accessories

Say goodbye to charging cables, because wireless charging technology is taking over!

We believe that this product needs to be more commercialized, because it really makes charging a much convenient activity. It also helps reduce clutter, and is easy to use. It requires no wires and cables to charge your phones. Simply make contact between the phone and the dock’s surface to automatically charge your phones. Amazing!

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