Having trouble coming up with a marketing idea? Here’s a suggestion, consider a mobile phone pouch as a marketing idea!

Marketing Idea - Mobile Phone Pouch

Marketing Idea – Mobile Phone Pouch

How this marketing idea works

On the mobile phone pouch, you can place your brand. It can be in the form of a woven patch or you can print or weave the design onto the pouch. After designing the pouch, this item can be used as a gift with purchase, on pack promo or marketing gift.

The advantage of this marketing idea is that it is small and light. Small and light items are easier to transport. This means that larger quantities can be purchased, bringing the unit cost down. Also, a small and light item is easy to package together with a product as compared to a big and bulky one.

Benefits of a marketing gift

The first benefit of a marketing gift is increased customer loyalty. Offering a gift leaves a good impression of your brand in the mind of your customers. This will encourage repeat purchases. It also helps to foster loyalty to your brand and increase your customer base.

Another benefit of a marketing gift is an increase in sales. Offering a gift entices customers to purchase your product. This is because people enjoy receiving complimentary items. This increase in purchases would increase sales revenue.

A marketing gift can also act as a form of advertisement for your brand. This only works when your logo or brand name is present on the gift. When family and friends of the recipient sees the gift, they are exposed to your brand. This allows your brand to be introduced to more people via word of mouth. Word of mouth marketing is a very effective marketing strategy. This is because people trust their friends when their friends advertise a brand to them.

Lastly, a marketing gift improves brand recollection. When the recipient of the gift uses or sees the gift, he would be reminded of your brand. The constant appearance of your brand name would cause him to think of your brand more. In the future, when he needs a product or service which you offer, he would approach your company for it.

Who can use this marketing idea?

This marketing idea is catered towards mobile phone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

Any kind of company may also use this marketing idea as they would be able to reap the benefits of this idea.