The mobile phone company, M Mobile, are taking advantage of advertising products. They’re doing this in order to raise awareness of their brand, throughout their marketing campaign.

Mobile Phone Advertising Products

Mobile Phone Advertising Products

Why are advertising products a necessity for mobile phone companies?

Ultimately the answer to this question comes down to the tough competition within the mobile phone industry, and trying to stand out amongst them. From the image above, showing the sign-up tent for M Mobile, you can clearly see the entire tent is filled with advertising products.

Firstly there’s the tent. The tent has a huge branding area and is completely customizable, from the colors, to the branding and text. You can see that in this case, M Mobile have done a great job of taking full advantage of the large branding area. They’ve done this by using bright colors to ensure it stands out, using a huge logo for brand awareness and also key bullet points, to let passers-by know what they do. The tent also has a function aspect too it, as it will keep customers out of the rain, or in this case, out of the sun. This functionality combined with the very visible tent, makes it more likely that customers will visit your stall, over competitors.

Next there are the promotional goods, such as the umbrellas, which can be seen hanging from inside the tent. This could be used to giveaway to new customers who sign up or purchase your products. By doing this, you’re adding extra incentive for consumers to purchase and visit you – which will ultimately drive sales. As a useful product that will keep your customers dry or out of the sun, your customers will be grateful and will associate with your brand positively. This makes it more likely they’ll use or recommend your services in the future. Umbrellas are products  that are used regularly, usually in public. So this will most certainly increase brand exposure and awareness.

The branded balloons, despite being less functional, have a similar use as the tent – to make the stall stand out, and raise brand awareness, which is does very well.

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