Promotional marketing plays a vital role in spreading the word about your company. Listed below are the top 3 best promotional giveaway items prepared by the ODM Group to cater to your consumers’ needs of all ages.

For the Elders and Working People: Tea Infuser

Sipping your favorite cup of tea after a long day from work can absolutely make everything calm and relaxing. Preparing your cup can be easier with a tea infuser, a tool that lets you steep loose tea leaves while keeping them contained in one place. Suddenly, as you hear this “tea infuser,” you might be intrigued. Have you ever thought that this tool can be one of the best promotional giveaway items in the market?


What’s the Buzz with Tea Infusers?

Timeless – Drinking tea has been passed down through generations and plays a significant role in some cultures. Thus, making this tradition timeless. Like the market it rises from, tea infusers can be timeless. This kind of tool uses loose leaf tea, which is more beneficial to health than most bagged teas. As time pass by, making tea is being presented in most modern ways, and tea infusers will surely never go out of style.

Durable – Admittedly, if we get a hold of this tea infuser, this would be the star of our everyday routine. Fear not, though, as this tool is durable enough for any wear and tear that it might go through. ODM-3484 is made from borosilicate glass that is the most resistant against thermal shocks among common glass types. Moreover, it is composed of 304 stainless steel, which is the most versatile and widely used austenitic stainless steel. This kind of steel provides excellent corrosion resistance.

Wide Variety of Consumer – People are slowly transitioning into a healthier lifestyle. During this time, elders and working people may not be just the only ones who can be your potential customers. ODM-3484 will be a great promotional giveaway product that will deem popular too for younger audiences as they might find using it easy as pie.

For Techy Teens: Promotional Phone Holder

Text necks and hunched backs are probably among the complaints we hear from the younger ones. Giving them a tool that will make it more comfortable for them will be a great low-budget promo idea for a business that offers tech products. These custom cellphone holders might be the best option to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Best Promotional Giveaway Items

Best Promotional Giveaway Items

Whether you would like to use your cellphone while sitting, lying around, or even while you’re driving, there is definitely a phone holder that will suit your needs. This is just one of the custom phone accessories that will be excellent for techy teens out there.


How Promotional Phone Holders Make Your Brand Stand Out?

Handiness – Just like mobile phones, custom phone holders can be a buddy everywhere. Younger audiences really like to get everything in their hands. They will certainly love how handy these custom phone holders are, from using the toilet, getting groceries, engaging in projects, and getting the most of their free time.

Promotes Productivity – Admit it or not, it is tough to focus on a task when you always get the urge to check your phone every 5 minutes. Phone holders and stands can make you stop checking your notifications from time to time by making the distraction out of your way.

Significance with Everyday Lives – According to demography, a significant percentage (91.5%) of people are uneasy about leaving their phones at home. As a result, they will also find phone holders noteworthy for their everyday lives. This will be your biggest asset as it will increase your brand’s awareness and visibility as it takes massive exposure to potential buyers and fans.


For The Little Ones: Custom Face Shields

Custom Face Shield

Custom Face Shield

It is essential to let our kids wear personal protective equipment during this pandemic and teach them how to use one properly. Custom face shields are getting popular, and these might perk up your brand’s marketing tactics too.


Why Choose Custom Face Shields to Market Your Brand?

A Give Back to the Community – Giving it as a giveaway item or use it as a health gift with purchase is an excellent way to give back to your community. This promotional gift for kids can be a simple token to raise awareness and reminding people to stay vigilant in these times.


Custom Face Shield

Custom Face Shield

Functionality – Wearing face masks can be irksome for the little ones. Worry not, as these custom face shields were built with comfy and breathable foam that touches the forehead. It is also composed of an elastic band to keep the face shield from falling off.

Timely – We are facing a pandemic, and this promotional product is undoubtedly timely. Actively contributing to the fight against the virus will make your brand bigger among the others.

Custom Face Shield

Custom Face Shield

Work with ODM Group for your Marketing Needs!

ODM Group has been in the promotional products industry for many years. It has worked with different global brands in their promotional product needs. If you are interested in sourcing new promotional products that can cater to audiences of all ages, get your own promotional tea and coffee infuser (ODM-3484), promotional phone holder, or custom face shield (ODM-3440) today!

The company has a wide network of factory contacts worldwide. We would be glad to assist you with your marketing needs. ODM also offers customization options to increase your brand value. Contact us now!


Here’s to More Promotional Product Ideas for You…

We can easily spot coasters in restaurants, bars, resorts, etc. However, how much promotion can a small coaster do for you? A well-managed Custom Promotional Coaster can also upscale your brand.

How could sleep-health companies take advantage of these observances? They could do so by offering sleep-related products such as custom sleep masks and promotional gel eye masks

As part of their marketing scheme, G.H. Mumm’s offers a promotional branded glass as a marketing giveaway.

Penshoppe, an Asia – based clothing brand, drops its newest offering to facilitate a more efficient brand promotion.

In Co-Op, a popular supermarket in Vietnam, Amstel is currently running a contest where customers will get a free promotional printed T-Shirt.